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10 Most Useful Zonai Devices In Tears of the Kingdom

by Uneeb Khan

Zonai Devices are new ways to use power in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Here are the ones that will help you the most.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players are given materials to build all kinds of machines and Zonai gadgets to make them better. Link can get a total of 27 devices from the Device Dispensers that can be found on the ground, in the sky, and in the depths of Hyrule. These devices can be used as building tools for many things, from getting around to fighting.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, devices like Emitters, the Homing Cart, and the Construct Head can be used to build complex combat systems. However, a few devices are used more often for things like moving around or solving tasks. These items show up more often in Device Dispensers and are often near parts of sky islands that have fallen or in places that are easy for players to use.


Most of the time, hydrants are found in the Fire and Water Temples. This is because water can clean up mud and turn lava into hard igneous rock when put on it. There are other ways to make both effects, using things like Splash and Ice Fruit or elemental gems, but Hydrants will keep players from wasting too many of those things at once.

You can often find this object on the chain of islands that lead to Wellspring Island and in the different rooms of the Fire Temple under Death Mountain. At the Sihajog Shrine, Ukoojisi Shrine, and Gikaku Shrine, you can also get capsules with Hydrants from Device Dispensers.


Most of the time, carts are put near tired Koroks who need to be taken to their friends. By putting a Steering Stick and a Fan on a Cart. Players can make a quick and easy way to travel short distances. This gadget is also often found next to Wings, since it helps them start moving on any surface. You can connect carts to a shield to move faster while shield surfing.

These important pieces of Zonai technology are in the Device Dispensers at the Jirutagumac Shrine, Ukoojisi Shrine, Natak Shrine, Taninoud Shrine, and Joku-u Shrine.


At least one shrine is built around each gadget. The Makasura Shrine is built around the Stabilizer. Stabilizers can also be helpful when building things like scaffolding or making two-wheeled cars that won’t flip over when they start moving.

Stabilizers are hard to find outside of Device Dispensers, and only a few of them have them. Like the ones near the Ukoojisi Shrine, Igoshon Shrine, Makasura Shrine, and Starview Island.

Big Battery

When compared to smaller Battery devices, big Batteries give Link a huge energy boost. At the start of Backrooms game, when Link doesn’t have many Energy Cells, the bigger ones help him out. This can be fixed with Zonai Charges, but it’s better to save them for more important things. Like upgrading your armor or selling for items in Device Dispensers.

Players won’t find Big Batteries in Device Dispensers, though. Once Link has carried as many Energy Cells as he can, he can buy them from Forge Constructs in exchange for Crystalized Charges.

Hover Stone

Hover Stone Zonai Device capsule

The Hover Stone is a unique device because it can resist gravity. This gives Link a way to move things higher with the Ultrahand ability or a quick way to climb up. Players have come up with even more creative ways to use the Hover Stone. Like a way to help Addison with his signs for Hudson Construction by using a cheat. Link can hold the sign up with one or two Hover Stones so that Addison can admire the Hero’s cleverness.

You can find Device Dispensers with Hover Stone tablets at the Igoshon Shrine, the Ga-ahisas Shrine, and the Gikaku Shrine.

Big Wheel

Big Wheel Zonai Device capsule

Small Wheels have a hard time getting traction on hard surfaces. So you need Big Wheels to make cars that can go over them. Big Wheels can be used to make all kinds of vehicles. And players can make their creations even more flexible over rough ground by using a Portable Pot as a joint socket. Because they are small, these wheels can also work in water that is not very deep.

Big Wheels like the Mustis Lightroot, Kadaunar Shrine, Makasura Shrine, Left-Leg Depot, the Hudson Construction Site, and the Digdogg Suspension Bridge can be found in Device Dispensers above and below ground.


Wign Zonai Device capsule

Link can get around in the sky in many ways, but using a Wing is by far the best. The Wing can be used as a simple flyer, or it can be turned into a real flying machine by adding Fans and Rockets. To move the Wing, you need a cart under it if there isn’t a specific grooved track or a sloped surface. The only bad thing is that the Wing will be gone in one minute. But if a person has enough Wing capsules. They can make another one while the first one is still in the air.

At the Jirutagumac Shrine, the Gutanbac Shrine, the Josiu Shrine, the Great Sky Island, the Igoshon Shrine, the Taninoud Shrine, the Joku-u Shrine, the Left-Leg Depot, the Ganos Shrine, the Ga-ahisas Shrine, and the Mayanas Shrine, there are Device Dispensers above and below ground that give out wings.


Fan Zonai Device capsule

Fans might be one of the Zonai gadgets that people use the most. But they aren’t the most useful when compared to other tech. Most of the time, fans are used to move cars on land, sea, and in the air. But they can also make updrafts, clear sand, blow enemies away when fused to a shield. And solve puzzles when connected to objects. Fans are often used to make Air Bikes, which are very popular. It can take a while to get the dimensions just right. But it’s a great way to move without using too many parts—just two Fans, a Steering Stick, and maybe a Stabilizer.

There are many Device Dispensers around Hyrule that hold Fan capsules. These include the Taunhiy Shrine, Kadaunar Shrine, Jirutagumac Shrine, Gutanbac Shrine, the Great Sky Island, Nachoyah Shrine, Igoshon Shrine, Makasura Shrine, Taninoud Shrine, Joku-u Shrine, Joku-usin Shrine, and the Hudson Construction Site.


Rocket Zonai Device capsule

Rockets are the fastest way to move in Tears of the Kingdom, and they can be used in a number of different ways. By fusing a Rocket to a shield, players can make a version of Revali’s Gale from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This can be used to get to high places or gain airtime to land hits if there isn’t already a draft. Such as from an enemy’s fire weapon or a lit Hylian Pine Cone. Rockets can give a big boost to any mode of transportation, making it go farther in less time. This is especially helpful if Link doesn’t have many energy cells.

Rockets can be found in the Jindok Shrine, the Left-Leg Depot, the Ijo-o Shrine, and the Hudson Construction Site. Which are all Device Dispensers above and below ground.

Steering Stick

Steering Stick Zonai Device capsule

The Steering Stick is by far the most used Zonai device in Tears of the Kingdom. Even though players might not know it. When moving a car for a long time, the Steering Stick helps you be accurate. Vehicles can be made without the Steering Stick for shorter lengths. But players will often have to move their creations when they go in the wrong direction or hit something.

Steering Sticks can be found in a lot of Device Dispensers in Hyrule and the Depths, such as the Mustis Lightroot, Mayam Shrine, Sihajog Shrine, Kumamayn Shrine, Rakashog Shrine, Joku-u Shrine, Left-Leg Depot, Hudson Construction Site, and Rakashog Shrine.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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