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3 Significant Tips to Follow for Hiring a Medical Translation Provider

by Uneeb Khan
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Language translation for healthcare has become evident considering global medical needs. Translating medical content is a challenging and complicated job. It requires extreme proficiency in the source and target languages and it also includes a considerable level of the medical text and field. The delicacy, sensitivity, and important subject matter require the medical companies to not select the medical translation provider on a ‘come what may basis but rather take their time to do proper research. Errors and mistakes in the medical content, medical literature, and label translation can lead to irreversible consequences.

Medical companies hence should make sure they are well-researched and know everything before they lock in a medical translation solution. Here are five practices that they should consider while attempting the hunt for a medical translation agency.

1. Carrying out meticulous research for the best options

A good healthcare translation company has to be selected properly after carrying out the due research. The medical companies in this step should make sure that they seek out language services providers as per their needs. So in that case they need to sort out first what they want from the medical translation company and how they want the translators to take care of their content and the whole project. Also, they can shortlist a few options either through the internet, by spreading the word in their circle, by recommendation from the business fellows, or by looking through the rankings of language services providers.

The research should include the following important factors

Experience and expertise

Relevant experience and expertise are of foremost importance. So, it is necessary to check it as well while carrying out the research. It is better to prefer the long-running companies rather than going for the new one to save some money. However, that does not mean ruling out the new profiles they could have some interesting records to show. Try checking the list of their new employees. Getting feedback and comment from these clients can also help in it. Also, translators should be proficient in medical knowledge and medical terminology translation services.

Details of the whole process

The research should also include how medical translation is carried out. A good company can only ace the translation when its team is well aware of the whole process and its minute details. They should also be checked for detailed steps and how they execute them. The quality control and procedure should also be checked. The companies should be interactive about the project and it is better to prefer those who believe in updating their clients and making inputs while the translation is in process.


The turnaround also carries equal importance in professional healthcare translation services. It is imperative to deliver faster services as long as the quality is not suffering. Meeting the deadlines s extremely important and delaying the project can put both parties at greater risk also asking questions n the translation company’s profile. Though medical projects come with details and don’t require much urgency however you never know if the companies may require it early. So make sure you check the translation company about the deliveries and deadlines before you sign a contract with them.

2. Inviting companies to send the bids

It is an imperative practice in this process. The translation companies should ensure that once they have shortlisted a few medical companies to consider. They should announce their demand and ask for the bid. Once the demand is announced the medical companies can wait for the language service providers to submit the bids. It also eases the medical companies’ work as they don’t have to carry out their research on their own. They can simply ask the translation agencies to send bids with all the required information and that way they simply will have to verify the details provided by each one of them. You as a medical company need to make companies compete with each other and offer better services to get the medical translation project from you.

Medical companies can also spread the word on social media, as well as the job on boards. A lot of companies do check the potential market and place to have new clients. Once they see the details they send their proposal right away.

3. Looking for relevant and ISO-certified translation agencies

The medical field is sensitive and full of challenges. As it deals with human life and treatment yet things have to be accurate and precise. When it comes to professional medical terminology translation services competent translators, relevant subject matter, and certified translation is vital. The translation company that is offering medical translation services should be ISO certified so that there is no room for errors and mistakes putting people’s lives at risk and danger. Having the iso certification implies that the business is evaluated by a third party and is certified to offer medical translations.

Final words

Outsourcing medical translation is a tough job. It is important that medical companies look for the proper translation agencies that are good with deadlines, understand the translation process, and are certified companies. It is also important that the translation companies are always ready with their bids to send to relevant clients.

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