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3 Substantial Growth Hacks For Your eCommerce Store

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by Uneeb Khan

“Are you looking for the ways that would improve your sales, help your business grow and multiply your revenue? Then growth hacking is what you are looking for. “

The eCommerce industry is expanding at an unprecedented pace, encompassing every domain across varied industries. This has also led to a rise in various eCommerce platforms, like WooCommerce, Magento and nopCommerce among others. Even business owners are searching for experts to help them meet their business objective. The best way to look for the professionals, however, is to search in the context of a specific platform. For example, if you’re running your store on nopCommerce, look out for companies offering nopCommerce development services.

Today, every business is vying to attract more and more customers by competitively pricing their products/services and offering additional benefits along with devoted support services. While on one hand, this makes it essential for the businesses to stay ahead of the competition, on the other hand, it requires implementing effective strategies to meet the business objectives. Considering the needs of the industry in whole and also the businesses in specific, growth hacking turns out to be the need of the hour. Here’s what growth hacking is and tips to help you go ahead with it.

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Growth Hacking – An Overview

Growth hacking basically is a mix of data-driven methodologies and smart marketing techniques, used by businesses to reach extensible growth. In a nutshell, growth hackers ensure your business grows rapidly with relatively lesser time and money investment. 

The main factors that ensure success are proper testing and optimization of all your actions. Besides this, you also need to maintain a record of all your findings, during the process, so that the successful strategies can be imitated into the other projects. With this approach at your disposal, you can tap into your full potential for enhanced growth.

3 Growth Hacks You Can Implement On Your eCommerce Store

Connect With Your Most Satisfied Customers For Third-party Reviews

Do you have excellent reviews on your store? Great!

But what’s even better than that? Good reviews all across the web!

Tap your customers to provide reviews on an external site. Obviously, all of them won’t be all praises. The biggest peril of asking for third-party reviews is, the unhappy customers make it a point to vent out all their anger than happy ones giving good reviews. Such a scenario can lead to a negative projection of your business. Now, what if you could turn the tide in your favor and change the direction of the skew process? Fortunately, the way to do it is by asking for reviews via email. 

One way to go about it is by sending out emails to your customers, asking them to rate you. Redirect them to a separate page, wherein you ask them to rate their experience on a scale from one to ten. Now, comes the real part, the trick that will help you turn the table. If someone rates you, let’s say, below 7, present them with a feedback form where they can vent out all their frustration directly to you instead of doing so across public platforms. On the contrary, if someone gives a rating above 7, present them with a link, asking them to do you a favor and provide a review on an external site. With satisfied customers, the chances of getting a review on an external site are much higher.

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Who wouldn’t love a personalized shopping experience? Ask yourself, is your store offering a personalized experience? If yes, great! If not, then fixing it is simple. Personalization comprises numerous things. To begin with, you can start showing the customer’s name or profile image in the header of your store or on various popups. 

Next thing is to dwell deeper into your store’s data to accommodate your cross-selling and upselling strategies. Also, send personalized emails instead of default templates and tweak your notifications to receive reminders related to abandoned carts. All these can help you achieve desired results.

Besides this, there are many tools, specifically made for eCommerce businesses, that can help you dive deeper into your customer behavior, allowing tracking of individual customer activities. This can further help you with the personalization.

Such tools provide complete information on all the user activities including their purchasing habits, abandoned products, time spent on a specific product, among others. You can use this information in countless ways. For instance, you can schedule an automatic trigger on the purchase of trousers, sending out an email to the shopper suggesting a shirt that would look great with it. By doing this, you will ensure your customer gets a personalized treatment, which eventually would lead to more sales.

Embrace The Power Of Data

Understanding what your customers need, is a tough thing to figure out. Unless you’re a psychic! For the rest of us, data does the job. Data has the power to help you understand, what attracts your customers. It gives you deep insights into your customer preferences, turning out to be a reliable source to rely on for various strategies. 

In other words, if you wish to formulate strategies to attend to your customers in the most appropriate manner, then you should consume the information left by the customers on your store. If your store has a search bar, you can go through the search data to see what customers are searching the most and then add them to your collection. You can also view your complete sales history and make a list of products with least or no purchases, and then try to figure out the reason why customers are not buying them. Are the products priced high? Are the product images missing or of poor quality? Should you get rid of these listings and focus on the most popular ones? Asking these kinds of questions will help you see clearly and devise a fruitful strategy for better results. 

In the end, the online marketplace is all about observing, learning and adapting. One has to be proactive in the business to stay ahead of the curve. These growth hacks are obviously going to help you out, but a successful business has a lot more to it than meets the eye. To understand the things better, you can consult the best ecommerce website development company in India.

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