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4 Ways An Adwords Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

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4 Ways An Adwords Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

Working with digital marketing agencies is crucial for businesses in today’s digital age as more people are beginning to prefer to buy online. Digital marketers provide various tools and platforms to help business people digitally advertise their products and services effectively. In particular, among other services that digital marketing agencies offer, they can specialize in Google AdWords to increase a company’s website traffic and conversions.  

With that in mind, many businesses today that want to remain competitive invest in AdWords Consulting services. AdWords consultants are experts in handling Google advertising campaigns to help companies maximize their return on investment. They use their expertise to ensure your target customers see your Google advertisements. When AdWords consultants start working with your business, they usually audit your current marketing campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and provide advice to help improve your marketing strategies.  

Manage And Improve Quality Score 

If you’re considering working with AdWords consulting, read the points below to dig deeper into how AdWords consultants can help grow your business.  

  1. Manage And Improve Quality Score  

Google aims to connect users with organic content and advertisements that closely align with what words and phrases they type into the search engine bar. In the past, Google had a problem with business people bidding on keywords that had nothing to do with their keyword bids. As a result, this issue led to confusion and annoyance for end users. For that reason, Google created the quality score system to solve this problem. Quality score is a crucial component that controls the popularity of ads. It’s a rating of the relevance and usefulness of every keyword and PPC ad.  

Accordingly, if you can improve your quality score, you have the opportunity to boost your company’s online visibility and increase website traffic. The good news is, with the help of an AdWords consultant, you can manage and improve your quality score. In particular, to attain that objective, an AdWords consultant will improve your website by speeding up load times, doing keyword organization, refining ad text, and adding relevant keywords to your campaign.  

  1. Design High-Converting Landing Pages  

Your business’ landing page is crucial to the success of your Google ads campaign as it also contributes to your ad’s Quality Score. Besides the Quality Score, your conversion rate will also depend on the relevance and effectiveness of your landing page. Fortunately, you can hire AdWords consulting services today to ensure an optimized landing page that aligns with the user’s expectations. Some AdWords consulting services provide an in-house solution for building a high-converting landing page, while others may outsource a landing page designer to help your landing page convert.  

Regardless of what type of AdWords consultant you choose, the bottom line is, creating a landing page is essential to ensure you run AdWords campaigns effectively across various keywords.  

  1. Split-Test And Optimize Campaigns  

Not all landing pages you create are the same. A particular landing page may have higher conversions than the other page advertising the same product or service. Certain page elements can be a primary factor in generating higher conversions, and it’s up to you to choose which elements to use. But if you lack the knowledge of creating landing pages and validating which variation in page element is proven effective, an AdWords consultant can do that for you. The AdWords expert will perform A/B testing, also known as split-testing, to determine which particular variation would be the best one to use.  

In essence, split-testing involves creating two variations in an ad or page elements. The changes in the components include the wording, heading, call-to-actions, image, layout, and color schemes. The AdWords expert will then compare the performance of the original page and the other version to determine which version receives higher conversion rates.  

  1. Launch Retargeting Campaigns  

Customers online need to feel a sense of familiarity with your brand before deciding to buy products or services. When potential customers visit your website, they’ll start to notice your ads while browsing, listening to music, or reading an article. Once they leave without making a purchase, there’s a high chance they’ll never buy from your business. That’s how the role of retargeting comes into play. With retargeting, you remind visitors about your products or services after they leave your site without purchasing anything.  

The good thing is that if you don’t have enough time or knowledge regarding retargeting campaigns, AdWords consulting services or consultants can do it for you. After target customers visit specific web pages, AdWords experts can help you retarget these visitors and show text ads when they go to other sites or stores online. Consequently, this method helps improve your brand-building efforts, which allows you to reach potential customers who have once engaged with your brand and showed interest in buying.   


Overall, by working with an AdWords consultant, you’ll have an expert who can help you create the best-performing Google ads, improve your quality score, and increase your traffic and conversions. Moreover, an experienced Google ads consultant will keep up with all the advertising trends and give you the time to focus on other areas of your business.  

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