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5 critical domain Addons to buy for a secure online presence

by Uneeb Khan

Buying the perfect suitable domain name for your business is the first and foremost step during the journey of a business. People register their names well before they register their businesses. Indeed, a proper domain name places your business in the right place among your competitors. Furthermore, it attributes credibility to your startup, builds your brand, and it can attract walk-in business quite efficiently. However, setting up your online presence is just not it. Concerning the ever-increasing rates of cybercrimes, when you buy a domain with bitcoin, you must also ensure that you get the essential domain addons.

After you have chosen a reliable domain & hosting agency, the next step is to think about the addons you would need. Certainly, we are here to guide you in this regard. Therefore, here is a list of some critically important addons you must have to ensure your digital presence. 

Private Registration 

When you register your cheap domain, you may wish to add the private registration either during the process as an addon or maybe later. One may know it as the WHOIS privacy as well, which provides a premium service of protecting the personal information of the domain from being displayed publicly. 

By choosing private registration, you can protect your personal information. Instead, the Digital Privacy Corporation’s information will be used in place of the WHOIS information for your domain. Hence, your competitors will not be able to get to your sensitive information; spammers will not be able to flood your inbox with spam mails. Further, such domain addons block the harassers, eliminate domain-related spam, protect legitimate business endeavours, and end data mining.

Consequently, you can easily and smoothly stay in touch with your clients and customers with no such inconvenience. 

Web accelerators

If you need to speed up your business website, improve overall performance, and integrate better security features for your website, Secure Web Accelerator (SWA) is what you are looking for. Secure Web Accelerator is a family of products that enhances the user experience irrespective of the customer’s physical location. The packages are quite pocket friendly. The products include the following;

SWA: With SWA, you can get automatic DDoS protection and enhanced web acceleration. Mostly, the page loading improves by 30% with SWA.

SWA Plus allows you complete access to the Cloudflare control panel or its dashboard. You can also access the Web Application Firewall (WAF) and other security features. 

SWA Pro: Amazingly, SWA Pro offers you different options of performance features such as PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance, smart routing with Railgun, Additional custom WAF, and various additional security features. 

The web acceleration domain addons speed up the information transfer time among the internet user’s browsers and the server. Hence, it seems many powerful tools to help your website perform. Some of the reasons to choose SWA are as under;

  1. The page’s loading speed is one of the major determining factors for a website. SWA improves the loading speed and defines that the users choose your site over your competitor’s.
  2. A higher number of clicks means a better chance of increased conversions. 
  3. It helps you offload the web servers by offering to encrypt SSL sessions and static content. Indeed, with the web accelerators, your servers will be able to do more for less. 
  4. Offering protection against DoS attempts, it secures your servers, keeping your site online and functional. It protects your and your customer’s information and minimizes downtime. 

SSL certificates 

When you buy a domain name with bitcoin, you must contemplate if you need domain addons such as an SSL certificate. The addon is essential for the websites that collect sensitive information of their users, such as ecommerce websites. 

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers, and the certificate refers to a domain and hosting addon that ensures the safety of your data. It verifies the website ownership and keeps the cybercriminals from making a fake version of the website. Hence, it conveys trust and authenticity to the users. The SSL certificate works in the following manner. 

  1. A server attempts to connect to an SSL-secured website.
  2. The server or the browser initiates a request for website identification. 
  3. Responding to the request, the server offers a copy of its SSL certificate to the browser. 
  4. The browser/ server verifies the SSL certificate to decide for trusting it. Upon verification, it prompts the signal to the web server. 
  5. The web server sends a digital acknowledgement to initiate an SSL encrypted session. 
  6. Hence, the data shared between the server and the webserver is encrypted. 

Consequently, you can secure your user’s login credentials, credit card/ bank account information, personal information, medical records, legal documents and contracts, and proprietary information with such domain addons. 

Last but not least, you can choose from the following types of SSL certificates depending upon the level of validation you need. 

  1. Wildcard SSL Certificate
  2. Domain Validate certificates 
  3. Unified communications certificates 
  4. Extended Validation certificates 
  5. Organization Validated certificates
  6. Multi-domain SSL certificates

Various web hosting & domain agencies offer cheap SSL certificates free in their hosting packages like Navicosoft.


JetBackup is not essentially an addon used for website security. However, it is a software you must think about having because it helps you back up the servers to the disaster recovery server in a remote facility. It does not generate the backup on the fly and allows you to download your backup. Instead, you get access to the backup. With Jetbackup, you get the following options.

  • Full Account Backups
  • Database Backups
  • File Backups

The perks of jectBackup comprise of the following.

  • Low load backup s with steady storage
  • User-friendly tools for restoration for customers
  • The option to retrieve the complete cPanel account rather than just databases, and files.

Imunify 360

The last entry of our addons is the imunify360 which refers to the next-generation security solution with a special focus on Linux-shared web hosting servers. Primarily, it secures the servers against potential threats and reduces the overall server administration overhead. Furthermore, such domain addons utilize machine learning technology to process the information collected from the server across the network. Consequently, it updates the rules and regulations in accordance with the ever-evolving threats. Such an amazing addon makes it a viable option to be considered when you buy domain with bitcoin

Some of the perks of the immunify360 are as follows;

  • The intelligent detection systems for intrusion reduces the false positive and false negatives. 
  • Automatic quarantine for malicious files
  • Next-gen advanced firewall with herd immunity. It successfully defends against brute force attacks, port scans, DoS attacks, and various other attacks. 
  • A comprehensive policies compilation from our network to block identical attacks.

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