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5 ideas for an Instagram advertising contest to design a successful contest

by Uneeb Khan

One of the things that can help your page grow is the use of Instagram ads. Instagram contests work like a miracle and we are going to cover them in this article and see how you can plan a successful Instagram ad contest for your page. It is interesting to know that there are very few methods that are more reliable than the Instagram advertising contest. So, you can safely use this method to attract followers and enjoy its benefits. Contests and gift-giving help increase the number of interactions with your page and attract more new followers. In general, this method is fully tested and is done in a way that does not arouse the sensitivities of the Instagram algorithm. In this article, we want to introduce 7 interesting ideas to you and We’ll share the 3 best sites in Australia where you can go and Buy Australian Instagram Followers.

7 attractive and practical ideas for holding an Instagram advertising contest

As we said, the Instagram advertising contest can well increase interactions and attract new real followers, so that it does not provoke the sensitivities of the in-app algorithm of this application. Here are 7 ideas for the Instagram contest that can help your page:

  1. Contests to like or comment to win
  2. Content captioning for content
  3. Friends tagging contests
  4. User-generated content
  5. Questions and answers

In the following, we will review each of these 7 Instagram advertising contests, stay tuned.

Instagram advertising contest

1. Contest Like and comment more in the contest post

If you have a page for previewing, reviewing, and introducing movies, you can hold a comment contest and ask followers to comment on a specific movie. Posting an analytical comment or review is one way to help keep Instagram bots out of the way. The big advantage of this type of Instagram advertising contest is that it greatly increases the interactions of the desired post and the Instagram algorithm notices your page and you can easily go to Explorer.

2. Captioning contest for contest content on the page

Instagram ad contests that are of the caption type are a great way to increase engagement. They are also very easy to hold, just post a photo or video and ask your followers to consider a good caption for it. The process of selecting the winner can be done either by the followers themselves and by liking their favorite caption, or by your own choice. Considering that in this type of competition, the winner is usually selected according to the quality level of the caption. And this leads to the selection of the best. Captioning contests also increase user interaction. Because people can reply to their favorite captions and express their opinions and feelings about them.

3. Tag your friends below your Instagram ad contest post

As you know, the ultimate goal of Instagram contests is to attract new viewers and users to your page. So why not leave it to the followers and audience of our page? All you have to do is tell your people and followers to tag their friends in the comments section to participate in your contest. You can set the minimum and a maximum number of people yourself, or you can set the minimum and then leave the maximum number of tags to your page audience.

4. Content generated by followers

It does not matter if you are asking for a photo as content from your followers or a text, user-generated content is one of the best and most useful types of Instagram advertising contests. This kind of competition enhances the interactions with your page and, more importantly, brings you new and unique content and you can use the best of them for your page. If you are a sales page of goods or services, you can ask users to send attractive photos with their purchased goods, or you can ask them to take a photo for a theme set by you with the help of their purchased products and that To send to you.

This type of Instagram advertising contest can help you to have documents to prove the satisfaction of users and buyers of your products. For example, you can ask your followers to send you stories and memories they have about your brand or products. In this way, the legislation is at your disposal and you can express whatever you like under the rules of your Instagram page advertising contest.

5. FAQ The best quiz idea

Questions and answers for common or unusual cases have long been conducted offline. So, what is the reason that we cannot use what has passed the exam and can be done well for our Business online? With the help of an Instagram question and answer contest, you can create an opportunity for your followers to show their skills. You can also share questions and answers about your brand, products you have, brand history, etc., and ask participants to answer them, or you can ask these questions and answers to topics that are more Generalize the day and ask questions about them and ask users to answer you.

For example, sports, social, historical, music, and other such topics can all be a suitable topic for the Instagram advertising contest of the type of questions and answers. In general, these contests are planned in such a way that the winner is randomly selected from the people who gave the correct answer. Or you can give the prize to the person who gave the correct answer as the first person. However, the method of determining the winner is completely according to your wishes, because this page belongs to you. Just keep in mind that if you assign the prize to the first person to answer correctly, then the time interval in which your post can be effective will be very short.

Conclusion about Instagram advertising contest

Instagram pages are always looking for ways to increase the number of followers or increase the number of interactions with your page.. If we do a little research, we will see that few solutions can be more successful in this field than Instagram contests. So, these contests can be introduced as one of the best strategies to attract followers and increase interactions. You can create this link for more information.

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