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5 Of The World’s Most Loved Tennis Players

by gaurav gupta

Tennis as a spectator sport, is enjoyed by fans on a global scale, with some worldclass players having carved a place for themselves among the world’s most loved; garnering unwavering support wherever they go, from loyal, adoring fans. 

More than mere athletes, these players are hugely likeable, charismatic, and inspirational, and some have even been able to build entire brands around their popularity.

Is your favorite included in the list of all time best tennis players below?

  1. Roger Federer

Playing with grace, deftness and skill, while displaying admirable sportsmanship, Swiss tennis player Roger Federer has dominated the sport for the last couple of decades. Having won 20 Grand Slam titles and being responsible for setting a number of different records, his charitable nature and the way in which he interacts with fans, has made him one of the sports lifelong greats.

  • Rafael Nadal

Another firm fan favorite and crowd pleaser, Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal, always displays an intense fighting spirit during matches, and a humbleness that’s highly endearing. With some epic matches under his belt (including several with Roger Federer as his opponent), his desire to give back to the community who have supported him, qualify him as one of the world’s most loved players.

  • Serena Williams

Talented, determined, and a definite crowd-pleaser, Serena has elevated women’s tennis to dizzying new heights, with 23 Grand Slam titles firmly under her belt. But more than her greatness on the tennis court, are her actions off of it. fighting for women’s rights, and standing up to racism, she has inspired thousands of children to pursue their dreams, whatever they’re background, creed or color, and as a role model, she’s hard to beat.

  • Rod Laver

Often said to be among the greatest tennis players that ever lived, Rod is highly skilled, highly disciplined, and highly versatile; all essential traits of a great player. The last player to have ever won the calendar year Grand Slam, while he was undoubtedly talented, it was perhaps his sportsmanship and focus that won him the most adoring of fans. With The Laver Cup named in his honor, this outstanding tennis player’s legacy will endure, and he will continue to be an inspiration for the next generation of professional players.

  • Billie Jean King

As a vocal advocate for social changes to be made to the sport, and to society as a whole, Billie Jean King wasn’t just the best female tennis player of all time.  Having helped found the Women’s Tennis Association, fought for prize money to be equal, and having beaten fellow player Bobby Riggs in the famous Battle of the Sexes in 1973, she was also a true leader of the sport, and a much loved one at that. Naturally, there are other equally great tennis players out there with fanbases rivalling those listed above, but there can be no doubt that these 5 men and women are loved, and will continue to be loved, for many more decades to come.

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