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5 Reasons Why Including PRINCE2 on Your Resume Can Boost Your Career

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5 Reasons Why Including PRINCE2 on Your Resume Can Boost Your Career

PRINCE2 certification, or “PRoject IN Controlled Environment,” methodology enables people to manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively. PRINCE2 certifications were introduced in the United Kingdom in 1996 to assist Project Managers in the government sector.

PRINCE2 methodology emphasises breaking down the project into small stages to help easily delegate the responsibility and anticipate the potential risks ahead of the planning process. In addition, PRINCE2 will help you always to stay vigilant and complete the project with increased cost efficiency. It’s an added benefits of PRINCE2!

The course has gained massive popularity with the advent of time and has become pervasive throughout the government sector while paving its way into the private sector. Currently, it caters to various industries and businesses.

This blog will decode the compelling reasons for adding PRINCE2 to your resume, boosting your career.

Why should you include PRINCE2 on your resume?    

PRINCE2 is an excellent way to break down projects into smaller chunks, making it an ideal approach to managing tasks more efficiently.   

Besides, here are some benefits of being a PRINCE2 certified professional: 

  1. Highly recognised 

The PRINCE2 certification has gained immense recognition globally and is considered a brownie on your resume. When hunting for jobs with Project Management qualifications, most recruiters prefer PRINCE2 over other courses. Furthermore, it is prevalent in over 60 countries.  

  1. Entirely customized   

Most project management techniques have the drawback of offering a rigid framework, resulting in inflexibility.  

However, the best part about PRINCE2 is its high flexibility and easy integration into other Project Management methodologies, which you can tailor to your way of working.  

Also, if you want to learn Agile Project Management, PRINCE2 could be a great fit!  

  1. Boost in salary   

The PRINCE2 certification can help you explore new job roles with a raise in salary. It doesn’t matter whether you’re willing to choose PRINCE2 Practitioner or Foundation qualification; it builds the ability to complete the project ahead of schedule effortlessly.  

  1. Perfectly reliable   

The PRINCE2 certification has been thriving for more than twenty-five years, following the same methodology. It results in high reliability and solid accreditation with viable results for businesses.   

  1. Tailored to industry standards  

The PRINCE2 certification course was designed to cater to different industry standards. This implies that you can use this technique to produce excellent results regardless of the size and nature of your business.  

In addition, when you advance up the career ladder and gain valuable experience, you can still obtain the certification. Besides, you can make the most of this certification by using it in different ways, such as helping students plan birthday parties or holidays. 


PRINCE2 certification is ideal if you’re looking for a highly recognised Project Management certification that can be used across various industries.   

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