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5 Tips for Tow Truck Repairing – How to Choose the Right Service

by Uneeb Khan

Trucks always seem to break down at the worst possible moment. Of course, there’s really no good time for your truck to need repair. You can avoid some of these breakdowns with regular, timely vehicle maintenance. But sometimes there’s nothing you can do to avoid a downed vehicle on a highway. This is when a tow truck service can be a lifesaver.

Having a good relationship with a tow truck service makes even the most inconvenient service call better. You know they are the best truck repair service for you, and you can rely on them to pick up and tow your truck without a long wait time. Once your vehicle is towed to the repair shop, you know your truck will be repaired quickly and correctly. You will be back on the road delivering your goods to your customers without delay.

Tow Truck Maintenance & Repairing

Oftentimes, we don’t want to think about things that can go wrong. But, truthfully, to run a business, it’s crucial to plan for things to go wrong, and to be ready when they do. When you use trucks in your business for shipping and delivery to customers, keeping them regularly maintained gives your drivers confidence in their vehicle.

However, no matter how well you prepare, there will be times vehicles break down. To reduce truck downtime, you should:

  • Have a regular vehicle repair shop to take your vehicles.
  • Keep up regular maintenance checks.
  • Check out small repair issues before they become big ones.
  • Periodically assess the skills of your drivers.
  • Have a tow truck and repair service ready to act when you do have a breakdown.

5 Best Tips for Choosing the Right Tow Truck Repair Service

1. Research Reviews

One of the best ways to find the best truck repair service is by reading reviews. Reviews, especially on a third-party website, give you a window into the business from the customers’ point of view. Read both the positive and negative reviews to see how the company responds to complaints. This can also help you narrow down the key qualities you want for a reliable mobile truck repair service.

2. Learn the Types of Towing Services Offered

If you have a semi-truck, a regular passenger vehicle tow truck won’t work for you. Check the website for the tow truck repair services offered by the company you’re looking into. Do they list their local tow truck services? If they don’t, that might be a red flag.

Call them on the phone and ask where you can find their services listed. Any company that doesn’t list their services is either so well known in the area they don’t need to advertise, or they are a tiny business that doesn’t use the internet. Probably still a red flag.

3. Research Pricing

Don’t let the local tow truck service charge you too much. Research pricing of the towing services you need, and then if the towing service quote is too high, negotiate.

There may be reasons for the higher pricing that you are unaware of. But their pricing should be in line with other towing companies that offer the same services.

If their name came up on a search for the “best towing service near me” then you should inquire about pricing before you need their services. There’s no need for price gouging just because there’s an emergency.

4. Reliability & Experience

The two key factors to look for in the nearest tow truck service are reliability and experience. The best towing service will have experienced tow truck drivers that are familiar with towing your type of commercial truck. They are well-versed in the best towing practices for your vehicle model. And they’ve towed similar vehicles many times before you need a tow. They have the right expertise combined with a lot of experience.

There’s no margin for error when your vehicle is down. You are losing money for every minute the truck isn’t delivering shipments to your customers.

But there is another factor you need to know about before you hire the best towing service. And that is reliability.

When you or your driver is stranded somewhere with a broken-down truck filled with merchandise, they need to know that once they call for service, a tow truck will come to help them in a reasonable amount of time. Too long of a wait or no tow truck showing up at all are bad for your business. Your customers want their products delivered on time, and they will look for another shipper if you can’t meet their needs.

5. Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is a must. There’s just no way around it. No matter how affordable a tow truck service is, if they don’t have insurance coverage for the business, you need to find someone else.

Any reputable tow truck service will have insurance coverage to protect themselves, their employees, and their customers. No matter how good of a mechanic they have, without insurance, you need to walk away. Even in a conscientious, reliable, and reputable business, you need insurance.

Insurance protects you and your vehicle if a mishap occurs. The mishap may have nothing to do with the tow truck service except that it happens when they are working on your vehicle.

Insurance is there solely to protect you from a loss of income because repairs take too long, or a loss of property because your vehicle gets damaged. Without insurance, there’s no way to recoup that money. So even if a mechanic is your best bud’s wife’s nephew, don’t work with them unless they have insurance coverage.

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