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5 tips on how not to lose your healthcare executives email list subscribers

by Uneeb Khan

No matter how authentic your healthcare executives email list might be, you will lose subscribers if they are no longer interested in your business. It does not necessarily mean it is your fault. Requirements in B2B scenarios change, and so do priorities. Your company may have contributed to the needs of your subscribers, and it may be time for them to stop using you. You have to now focus on not losing subscribers who still need you. Read on to know how-

Obtain medical executives email addresses with consent

While gaining subscribers may not be that difficult, retaining them is possible only if they are your target audience. Another way to look at it is – your subscribers should be interested in your business.

Before people sign up for your healthcare executives mailing lists, ask if they might be interested in receiving your email communications. Be transparent about your intentions and inform them how you will use their data. Double opt-in is the best way to confirm that the subscribers’ email address exists and that they did not sign up by mistake.

Once the subscribers are added to your list, allow them a way to unsubscribe if they ever lose interest. Holding on to them even when they want to leave is the best way to harm your reputation with internet service providers. Jokes aside, including an unsubscribe button in all your emails is compulsory according to GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Unsubscribes are good for your business because they narrow your healthcare executives contact list to genuinely interested subscribers. It means you can convert more of them into customers at the same cost.

Segment your healthcare executives email marketing database

Break up your list into different segments according to demographics and behavioral patterns. Some examples of demographics are gender, job role, geography, company size, and industry sector.

Behavioral data include what the subscribers have bought earlier and what links they have clicked in your emails, on social media, and on other platforms. Your analytics will tell you when and what products they have browsed.

You can use the information from your analytics to change your content for each segment. Instead of cramming all the topics into one message, you can choose the main subject that will be the focus of your email.

Send personalized and relevant messages

Before blasting out emails, remember there is a person on the other end. So, write your emails by mimicking a face-to-face conversation. Give individual treatment to the subscribers and make them feel like you are talking directly to them.

While sending messages, analyze the data from your lists to learn more about the subscribers’ interests. If your email list of healthcare executives contains only contact details, consider buying Healthcare Mailing lists to get additional information on your subscribers.

Add value to your content rather than just concentrating on promoting your business. Provide offers, information, and recommendations that subscribers can’t refuse. Follow up with a reminder email when they show interest in a product by clicking on a link but do not purchase it. It is timely and relevant and encourages subscribers to complete their actions.

Improve email deliverability to your healthcare professional lists

You need to ensure your emails are not just reaching your subscribers but are being delivered in the right place. It’s of no use if your emails are not accessible and not being read. Keep a few things in mind to ensure the emails reach the subscribers’ primary inbox.

Avoid spam trigger words, such as FREE, OFF, and Make Money, as they flag your email as fraudulent. Using too many exclamations and all-capitalized words can land your email in the spam folder. Spam filters can detect malicious and virus-infested messages and prevent them from reaching the subscriber.

Create a catchy subject line that tells the subscriber what to expect from your email at first glance. Make sure that the rest of your elaborates on the subject and provides the subscribers with a cohesive reading experience. A subject line misaligned with the email body will confuse your subscribers, turn the confusion into a lack of trust, and get your email sent to the junk folder.

Include a clear call-to-action that tells the subscribers what to do next. It could be visiting your landing page or purchasing your product. Ultimately, it should move your subscriber further towards becoming a customer.

Provide a good user experience

Maintain consistent branding throughout your emails and your landing page to give subscribers a seamless visual experience. Being consistent makes you seem trustworthy and reliable.

Check and re-check your content for grammatical or spelling mistakes. Errors, simple or prominent, can be extremely off-putting and makes you seem sloppy. While it is hard to catch all the errors, you can proofread your copy using various softwares.

Subscribers will open more of your emails if they can consume your content easily. Use easy-to-read text fonts and a pleasant color scheme that has them scrolling down till the end without being distracted.

Emails now have to be compatible with all the devices in the market. The images must be optimized to display properly on every device without affecting the loading time.


Losing subscribers is an inevitable part of every business, but how you engage with existing subscribers and grow your business is up to you.

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