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5 Ways Hiring a Probate Lawyer Can Give You Peace of Mind

by gaurav gupta

Making a will is something every Canadian citizen should do, and it’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to happen to yourself, your assets, and anything else you own in the event of your passing.

A will gives you the power to pass assets on to those you wish to inherit you, name an executor to care for your entire estate after your death, and make sure all outstanding debts are paid off before anything is distributed to loved ones. It is a very important legal document. Without one, you will simply have no control over what happens to your estate.

Making a will is best done with the help of a probate lawyer in Edmonton, and while you can go through the process without seeking professional help, it isn’t recommended.

Here are 5 ways in which hiring a probate lawyer to help you create a will can give you the peace of mind you deserve:

1.Their legal expertise will be reassuring.

If you can be confident that the will you’re preparing follows the legal guidelines associated with the creation of such a document, you can relieve one heavy burden from your shoulders. Will preparation can be complicated and challenging, but with the help of a lawyer who is experienced in wills, you’re guaranteed to have everything prepared in accordance with the relevant laws.

2. They’ll give you personalized advice.

No two people’s circumstances are the same, and a will should reflect the uniqueness of you and your personal situation. Having a lawyer assist you when writing a will gives you access to the best advice and guidance for your unique circumstances and helps you protect your assets and provide for loved ones.

3.They’ll help you avoid making mistakes.

Even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant mistakes in a will can have serious repercussions for those involved, often leading to beneficiaries entering disputes or challenging the validity of the will. Hiring a probate lawyer is the single most effective way to avoid making even the smallest of errors and to ensure that everything you want to happen with your estate and assets in the event of your death happens.

4.They’ll help you achieve peace of mind.

Once your will has been written and contains everything you want it to, you can then shift your focus to living your life and making the most of it. Constantly worrying about whether you’ve included everyone in your will, covered all of your assets, chosen the right beneficiaries, or followed instructions to the letter of the law can seriously hamper your ability to live life to the fullest, and if hiring an estate lawyer can help you avoid that, why wouldn’t you?

5.They can keep your will updated as you age.

Oftentimes, Canadians prepare a will and then never do anything with it again, even after events have passed in their lives that may affect their former wishes or as they age and grow closer to retirement. Working with a lawyer means that whatever happens in your life, updating your will is simple, and keeping it valid and inclusive of all your assets is never an issue.

Seeking professional assistance with will probate in Alberta simply makes sense. Although you may be able to create a will online, in what is often referred to as a ‘DIY Will,’ these usually only allow for basic needs, and misunderstanding the intricacies of will-writing can lead to confusion and a lot of upset in the event of someone’s death. 

To simplify the entire process and make sure you and your loved ones have the peace of mind they deserve, don’t take any chances; hire an experienced probate lawyer.

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