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6 ways a PMP can assist a project team to attain personal growth

by Uneeb Khan
PMP can assist a project team

Organizations dependent on project management instill various project teams based on the skills and specializations. Generally, a project team consists of a project manager and members who possess a specialized skill set. This necessitates a project manager to respect all the team members equally and value their opinions while carrying out projects.

For quite a few years now, we have seen that several members of the project team leave the organization when they are not rewarded adequately. Besides the pay, a team member also expects a better workspace with amenities. In order to show the team, that they have the support of project managers as well as the company for their professional growth a project manager can implement the following tactics.

6 ways a PMP can assist a project team

Know the team member’s career goals:

Managing a team itself can be a tedious task while handling complex projects. Adding to this, if a Project Management Professional (PMP) has to manage a remotely working team, several conflicts may arise. As a Project Management Professional, a project manager is expected to communicate clearly with the team and take interest in knowing what professional goals they yearn to achieve.

Encourage Training and development:

In order to professionally grow an individual is expected to constantly learn and get trained. Being a PMP entitles a project manager to encourage the team in earning certifications and mastering the latest skills in the project management field. ألعاب محرمة This enables team members to stand out from the regular crowd of professionals in project management and achieve their career goals.

Play the role of mentor:

Businesses that handle various projects on a daily basis need to establish a mentorship program to speed up the process of the induction phase for new joiners. Assigning a project manager as the mentor for new joiners helps in guiding them while performing their tasks. By playing the role of mentors, project managers ensure that the mistakes performed by them are not repeated. While seniors benefit from fresh perspectives, team members can gain insights into the vast knowledge of professionals.

Rotation of roles:

The routine of performing the same tasks for every project might bore the team members. To add variety into the roles, a PMP is required to instill a job rotation program. 365 سبورت This enables team members to gain new skills whilst performing new roles for a project. A remotely working team gets to connect and build rapport with other departments while switching roles. An organization can benefit from this by having an all-rounded workforce.

Instill work-life balance:

On certain days, a project team is required to work for longer hours in order to complete the project within the deadline. This can demotivate the project team if carried out for several days. hguhf h,k ghdk As a PMP, a project manager needs to ensure the efficiency and productivity of the team within the work hours allotted. To attain this, project managers are required to enforce a balance between professional and personal life to eliminate burnout situations and make time for career advancement.

Appreciate the efforts:

Certain circumstances would have necessitated team members to work harder than necessary to complete a project. This would reap benefits not only for the organization but for the team members as well. During such times a Project Management Professional has to give valuable insights to the team and appreciates how their efforts have paid off and benefited the organization as a whole. Such insights motivate the team members to improve his/her skills further thereby taking a step towards attaining professional growth.

Project Management Professionals are encouraged to grow professionally by owning the PMP Certification. On attaining necessary experience, even project team members can be empowered to pursue the certification by undergoing PMP Certification Training. Highly qualified and knowledgeable experts train individuals to stand out from the crowd and acquire a comprehensive understanding of various concepts revolving around project management through PMP Training sessions.

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