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If we look at the above image from one perspective

The 3D cylinder’s shadow appears to be a 2D square; yet, if we look at it from another angle, the shadow appears to be a 2D circle. People standing on either side might engage in back-and-forth shouting matches over which 2D shape is “true,” becoming more and more convinced that the other side is incorrect. They would also be missing the higher-dimensional cylinder, which calls for the synthesis of several viewpoints.

Additionally, the circle/square argument is a common social media discussion between free speech and censorship. Should free speech be allowed on platforms? Or should content be moderated on platforms to protect users? Which is correct, the square or the circle? What information ecosystem design and incentives will reward the most honest marketplace of ideas, or, can we ask a 3D-cylinder? For instance, despite all the talk about . social media

Twitter being a “public square,” there is a significant difference between the speech that is rewarded if that public square is constructed similarly to a Roman Coliseum, which encourages violence and chaos, and the speech that is rewarded by a Quaker meeting, which encourages reflection. According to the April review, while most studies reported “modest to moderate” effects of social media use on mental health, predominantly negative but with some positive effects as well, some discovered effects that were “severe, considerable, or devastating.

The umbrella study observed that in one instance

Three separate opposing interpretations were made from the same data set to demonstrate how difficult it is to reach agreement. Without an established online brand, recruitment-focused social media strategies will fail. Brand strength has become more crucial to profitability and competition as firms attempt to draw attention on social media with amusing memes and jokes. The world’s 40 strongest brands between 1998 and 2019 gave shareholders almost twice the total return compared to an investment in a Morgan Stanley Capital International World index certificate, according to a study by McKinsey that found strong brands outperform rivals by 96%. social media

Activeness is also essential. Never pass up an opportunity to network, connect with potential candidates, and reach new audiences. Recruiters might think about personally contacting a candidate via professional social media sites to urge them to apply if a certain LinkedIn profile appears like a good fit. Encourage applicants to write about their new jobs on their own pages after being hired, tagging the official page of their new employer.

When choosing subjects for panels or social media posts, think about what aspect will best draw industry professionals, especially those in target categories. An engineering company, for instance, might want to join with an existing group to throw a networking event for women in tech in order to draw in a more diverse applicant pool. Recruitment managers may build a steady stream of applications by building goodwill for their company.

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