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7 Best Backlinks Strategies 2022

by Uneeb Khan
  1. Generate content that readers love to share 

You can earn backlinks from high-authority sites easily if your content is excellent and readers find it shareable. Produce link-worthy content if you are interested in backlinks from publishers, bloggers, and businesses. 

2. A strategy that gives backlinks automatically

If you feel it is hard work requesting businesses for backlinks, start producing high-quality statistics and industry reports. They will link to your studies, trends, essays, and surveys on their own as it helps them get organic traffic and a higher search engine ranking. 

3. Create industry-specific tools

You can get free backlinks from high-authority websites and businesses if you can create industry-specific tools with free features. If they are getting something useful without paying a dime, they don’t hesitate in giving you backlinks. It is an excellent strategy for automatic backlinks and organic traffic without writing guest posts and making requests. 

4. Generate interesting and visually striking statistics

People find it easier to make sense of complex information if it is presented in the form of interesting and colorful graphics ex: Infographics. Generate infographics and charts to explain useful information. Businesses will be tempted to link back to these visual assets. You will get backlinks from high-authority websites automatically, and it will improve your search engine rankings. 

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Do not forget to give an embedded code to allow others to easily share your infographics on their websites You will find that high-authority websites are linking back and citing your website as a source. You can also share these visual assets with popular publications as a link-building strategy. 

5. Create listicles and publish them

According to a study by Semrush, listicles attract twice the traffic and one and a half times more backlinks than ordinary blog posts. Readers absorb more from such content than they do from normal text. Some good examples of such listicles are

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6. Use resource pages to add your links

There is no better strategy than resource pages if you want valuable links and value for your content. Pages that publish high-value content on a particular industry or niche are called resource pages. Resource pages have the most important links+ content focused on Quality Information. They are also called pillar pages as they are full of awesome information and useful links about an industry. Reach out to such resource pages and add value to your content. 

7. Use the potential of Q&A resources

Reddit and Quora are excellent Q&A platforms where readers post answers to questions asked by other members. You can give answers to community members and build links for your blog or business website in the process.Make sure to provide relevant information to the members to make your link-building process successful. Your answers should contain relevant links to the content present on your website if you are desirous of acquiring useful links from community members. 

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