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7 Top Career Paths for an MBA Graduate             

by Uneeb Khan

There are many different career paths that can be taken after earning an MBA. Each path has its own set of required skills, experiences and education. The best way to figure out what you want to do after your MBA is by doing research and talking to people who have experience in the field.

If you are thinking to do MBA but not sure which career path you can opt in the future, then this blog is for you. If still you want to know more, feel free to contact Dissertation Writer Online.


Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services to create awareness and demand. It involves researching consumer behavior, developing strategies to meet customer needs and identifying market opportunities.

A marketing role can be used in different industries such as retail, hospitality, food & beverage (F&B), automotive or travel & tourism sectors.

If you want to work for a brand or company that specializes in product development then this would be an ideal career option for you. You may also consider joining an e-commerce platform if you have an interest in digital marketing or social media management roles because these are becoming increasingly important areas within this industry


When you see the word “finance”, what comes to mind? You may have a picture of someone sitting in front of an office desk with a pile of papers in front of them. But this is just one part of what finance really involves. The other parts are marketing, risk management and business development as well as accounting and law. These are all important skills that can help you get ahead in your career after graduation!

You’ll need excellent communication skills because finance professionals interact with clients on a daily basis; they need to understand their needs so they can provide solutions that meet those needs while also maximizing profitability for both parties involved (the client). This involves having strong analytical skills combined with strong interpersonal skills—and most importantly—being able not just listen but also learn from others’ experiences when possible!

Business Development and Consulting

Business development and consulting are closely related careers. In business development, you’re looking for new opportunities for your company. Consulting is about helping companies solve problems. These two paths have much in common: they both involve finding new ways to grow and thrive as well as making sure that existing businesses are strong, healthy and stable.

The biggest difference between these two paths? The skillset required by each path varies greatly based on the type of organization being consulted on or advised by you as a consultant!


In the business world, entrepreneurship is a career path that allows you to create your own success. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of risk and hard work, but in return you can earn millions of dollars by starting your own company. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be making decisions on how to grow your business as well as how much money you want to spend each year on overhead costs like rent or salaries.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing (and if so why wouldn’t anyone?), then consider pursuing an MBA in order to become an entrepreneur! As long as there aren’t any legal issues preventing someone from using their degree for this purpose (such as having graduated from another university), then go ahead and make plans now!

Human Resources

If you want to work with people, HR is the perfect job for you. You’ll be able to manage employee relations and provide employee training, conduct employee appraisals and make sure that the company complies with employment laws. If your major was in marketing or finance then this could be an excellent place for you because there are many entry-level positions available that allow candidates with these degrees to climb up the ladder at their own pace.

Operations and Project Management

If you like working with your hands, you may be interested in this career path. It’s also a good choice if your goal is to work in the field rather than behind a desk. While there are some entry-level positions that require an MBA degree, most jobs do not require one—and even those that do often offer opportunities for advanced degrees or certifications such as PMP (Project Management Professional).

If you want to be in business but don’t want to deal directly with customers or clients and instead focus on project management from an administrative perspective, this could be an effective way for you pursue your goals after graduation from an MBA program

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the practice of developing and executing a long-term plan to achieve goals. It’s important because it helps organizations make informed decisions, prioritize resources and identify opportunities.

Strategic planners create strategies that align with changing market conditions, customer needs and competitive threats. They ensure that business goals are aligned with the company’s mission statement. Strategic planners need to be able to communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders within the organization (e., managers, and employees) as well as outside stakeholders (e., investors). They also need strong analytical skills that can help them analyze data in order find creative solutions for different problems faced by companies today.”


To sum up MBA graduate has a great scope. MBA graduate can start its career in any path however, there are a few fruitful careers. Such as HR, operations planning, management, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting etc. All you need to do is to find which career path you are interested in and which path is best for you. So, there you have it! We hope you found this list useful and informative. Remember that the most important thing is to decide what kind of person you want to be, then go out and make your mark on the world. If you need more help, contact Dissertation Writer Online experts today and get answers to all your problems.

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