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7 Ways To Get More Customers Coming to Your Website

by Uneeb Khan

Do you have a website but not nearly enough visitors to bring in revenues? Here are some ways to get more customers to come to your site.

1. Improve Your SEO

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s building your website in a way that will please the search engines so that your website is at the top of the page when someone types in a term in the search engine. You need potential customers to find your website, and building an SEO-friendly website is the best way to do that.

Benefits of SEO include getting a good return on your marketing investment and making you look more credible to potential customers. The more visitors you have coming to your website, the greater potential for sales.

2. Make Your Website Fast and Secure

Add an SSL certificate to your website so that your visitors don’t get that “not secure” warning when they visit your site. Also, add a caching plugin so that your pages load more quickly. More and more customers are using their smartphones rather than a laptop so make sure your website is mobile responsive.

3. Update Your Website Regularly

You should be updating your website at least once a month to make sure it’s up-to-date. That way, your customers will know your business is alive and well. Add a new blog post periodically and make sure all of your plugins are current.

4. Make Your Website Look Professional

The smaller your business, the more important it is to have a professional-looking website. If your website looks like it’s run by a big company, you’ll get more conversions and an increase in revenues. Make sure your website is beautiful and impressive. If you have to hire someone, do so. It will be well worth the investment.

5. Offer a Chat Option

Offer a chat option so that people can connect with you instantly. Use a chat option that’s easy to respond to such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp chat. When people leave you a message, you’ll be able to answer in a short time.

6. Ask Existing Customers for Testimonials

Ask your customers for testimonials about your product or service. Then add them to your site. If possible, add photos of your customers as well. When people say great things, it adds to your credibility. Potential customers are more likely to trust you.

7. Don’t Forget a Contact Form and Your Phone Number

Even if your phone number is on your home page, also add a contact page. List your phone number as well as offer a contact form. Some people want to talk to a real person. Others may feel more comfortable contacting you through a form. Giving both options makes sure you reach the greatest number of customers.

Your website is one of your greatest marketing tools, but it can also turn off potential customers if it isn’t done right. Have your website updated regularly. Hire a professional if you find the task daunting. Then watch your business grow.

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