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8 Gifts for Pizza Lovers

by Uneeb Khan
8 Gifts for Pizza Lovers

Many people simply love pizza. If you have some friend like this you can consider getting them a gift that is for pizza lovers. There are many ideas that you can think about. You can even use pizza boxes to make these gifts by yourself and give them a personal touch.

Continue reading on to find out eight gifts that you can give pizza lovers.

Give money inside a pizza box

If you have pizza boxes, especially a box from the shop that your friend buys pizza from, you can use this box for the gift. If you want to give this friend some cash for say their graduation or some other even you can put this inside the pizza box. The cash can be arranged in the way that a pizza is, i.e. circular. This is a creative gift and can also cause excitement, whilst people think you are giving pizza as a gift but in fact there is cash inside the box.

A pizza scarf

You can get a pizza scarf from some shop. The scarf looks like a pizza slice. You can give this at Christmas or at some time when it is chilly. The person you give it to can keep warm with it.

Wall art with a pizza box

Pizza boxes can be used to make wall art that can be given as gifts to some pizza lovers. These look pretty and are not tough to make. You can use the box and paint pretty images on it. You can print out something to paste on the box if you want to.

This is something creative that you have made by yourself. It can also look good on the wall. You can print or make designs according to the things that your friend likes. For instance, if they like black and white things, then you can make designs like this.

Cute pizza slice friendship keychains

If you have a really close friend and want to give them something that you will also have, you can give a pretty pizza slice friendship keychain. This is if they love pizza. This gift can be appreciated by people like this. You can keep the other part of the keychain, showing your strong friendship. Both of you will have the same keychain that forms a complete pizza when put together.

A pizza necklace

If you want to give a piece of jewellery to yoru pizza loving friend, consider getting a pizza necklace. Embrace this pizza necklace like a luxury item. The necklace can be silver, gold, any color you want. The chain can have a pizza slice attached to it.

It can even have another attachment that is of a letter. This letter can be the letter that your friend’s name starts with. You can get one for yourself also so that you and your loved one can have a similar necklace.

A  pizza USB drive

If your loved one or friend needs a USB drive and they love pizza, you can find a USB drive like this that is designed like a pizza slice. This gift looks fun as well. Your friend can remember you and smile when they use it. This is a fun gift that you can give to a fun loving and cheerful friend who is not very serious.

A play oven made from a pizza box

Using an old pizza box you can make a fun oven as a gift for a kid who likes pizza. You can draw on circles for the oven. Buttons can be attached to the front which are the control buttons. Instead of throwing the box away you can use it to make this creative oven. Your kids can play with it.

A cute pizza mug

If the person you find a gift for is a complete pizza lover, consider getting them a pizza mug. You can look for these or you can get one made specially. At the time that your friend uses this mug, they can remember their love for pizza and also their friend who gave them this mug.

There are many gifts to give pizza lovers; some of these can be made from pizza boxes as well.

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