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8 Website Design Mistakes That Hurt Your SEO

by Uneeb Khan

Did you know that the design of your website can impact your SEO ranking? Ask any

SEO company Toronto or SEO company Vancouver and will say that website designs can be used to your advantage if you’re trying to rank higher on search engine results pages.

Here are website design mistakes that you should avoid:

Poor website navigation

One of the most important things you need to consider is your website’s user experience, including excellent navigation. A website that has poor navigation is a website that doesn’t know how to direct the customer to what they need or want. Having redirect links is not enough. You need to understand the customer journey in order to apply it to your website’s navigation.

Very slow loading speeds

Any SEO company Toronto would tell you that slow loading speeds result in higher bounce rates, which is bad news for your business. There are several factors that could affect slow loading speeds and you need to revisit each one by one.

The website is not optimized for mobile

One of Google’s major updates in its algorithm is that it will prioritize mobile-friendly websites. People are always on their phones now so you need to tailor the images and assets of your websites to a format that is more mobile-friendly.

Missing titles and headers

This may be one of the most neglected SEO tactics out there. Ask an SEO company Vancouver about some of the little things you can do that bring about a huge impact and they will advise you to review your titles and headers. Using the correct keyword as titles or headers tells your customers and Google what the page is about.

An imbalance between whitespace and content

Another thing you need to consider is the balance between whitespace and content on your website. This may seem like a minor design issue, but it can hugely affect your customer’s user experience. Make sure to provide meaningful content for each page on your website.

No call-to-actions

By seeking the help of an SEO company Toronto, you’ll be able to craft the correct call-to-action on your web pages. Having a CTA is not enough, you need to have the right one that could convince your users to click on a link or to perform an action, such as purchasing your product.

404 pages

One of the worst things that could damage your brand is a website with a ton of 404 pages. There are reasons why this happens but basically one of the things you can do here is to create a redirect on these 404 pages.

Not seeking professional help

With all of this in mind, not seeking professional help can have drastic effects on your campaigns. While you can try and learn some of the basic SEO strategies, you should know that this is very time-consuming and leaves a lot of room for error.

Furthermore, hiring an SEO company Vancouver can help you maintain your Google ranking, as well as be able to focus on the daily operations of your business ensuring online success.

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