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9 Amazing Home Decoration Ideas to Revamp Your Walls

by Uneeb Khan

Living in the same setting for years can make your home feel dull and boring. If you work from home, it can even make you lethargic and unmotivated. An easy mood changer that can increase the value of your home and also lift your mood is to revamp your walls. 

Walls are the most noticeable and important part of any home. If you renew the paint and decoration of the walls, it can improve the overall interior design. 

Here are some amazing tips to help you decide on your walls easily. 

Elevate the Wall with Paintings

Adding good paintings and pictures is always a mood lifter. Add historical elements to your wall with Signed baseball memorabilia paintings. Even some affordable and minimal paintings can turn your wall into an aesthetic space. You can add more than one painting in a pattern that decorates the wall. 

Add Mirrors 

Mirrors add dimensions to the living space. Adding a full-size mirror makes your space appear bigger than it actually is. It reflects the light which instantly brightens up the room. You can go for multiple sized mirrors or oversized ones. 

Statement Fabrics 

The type of fabric that you put on the wall reflects the personality of the owner. You can go for statement fabrics that give your home a historical or modern look just how you like it. Choose the Right pattern and color combination to glow up your living space. 

Brighten with Plants

Besides the floor, you can always put up plants on the wall using wall mounts. Putting up plants adds greenery to your space and adds a relaxing vibe. If you find it hard to manage natural plants then you can choose artificial ones. 

Add Some Plates 

You no longer have to hide your favorite dishes away in the kitchen cabinets. Display your best china and porcelain plates on the wall. You will notice that it adds a refreshing element to your wall. 

Decorate with Lights 

Even if you don’t add anything more, you easily revamp the space using lights. Lights are a necessity to glow up any place. But make sure to do it in a way that compliments your overall design. Use hanging lights on your wall to give your room a dreamy look. 

Play with Patterns 

Patterns are trendy in design language and are used almost everywhere. It can easily give your space an edgy look with class and style. You can use patterns on the wall anywhere in the home from halls to bathrooms. 

Add Shelves 

Get shelves installed on the wall in interesting designs. You can add stylish decoration items to brighten up the space. Add multiple levels on the shelves and decorate them according to the room. 

Vintage Accents 

Old-fashioned and vintage accent walls are always an eye-catcher. They give a new feel to your space and radiate good energy. Go for a statement photo frame and design a gallery using rugged frames.

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