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9 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring

by Zain Ali

Planning to get divorced. We bet it’s a big thing. That is the reason you should go for a professional and experienced attorney. If you are struggling to hire the best divorce lawyer, asking these nine questions will help get the right one.​​ To know more, visit the website.

9 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring

Q.1: How many divorce cases have you catered?

Divorce is stressful, and the last thing that you would want is to get a lawyer who is professional and dedicated. Go through the lawyers’ work to ensure they have catered it correctly. Briefly ask them how many divorce cases they have handled.

Q.2: What is your Fee Structure?

Some bill on an hourly basis, while others work on a flat rate. Ask your lawyer how they charge.

Q.3: Will you Cater to my case Personally?

Some firms involve their legal staff members who manage the case. So, ask the lawyer how far he will be involved in your case. 

Q.4: How Often Can I Communicate with you about my case?

Communication is the key. Ensure to ask the attorney the means and how often you can communicate with him to discuss your case.

Q.5: What is the Divorce Process involved in my case?

Divorce processes are usually dependent upon certain circumstances. It involves some basic steps. Do not forget to ask your lawyer to explain the entire process along with the expected timeline for your case.

Q.6: Are there any plans that you would utilize for my case?

An experienced attorney sets up a strategy based on the facts of the case. Ask the attorney about the implemented strategy.

Q.7: How frequently do you reach out-of-court divorce settlement agreements?

Look for a divorce lawyer, who has a good track record of reaching divorce settlement agreements outside the court. Ask them how many of his cases have reached out-of-court divorce settlements.

Q.8: Do you have Experience in handling Financial Statement?

Money surely comes up in any divorce case. It can be in the form of child support or business valuation. Ensure that the lawyer has a great amount of experience in handling these concerns.

Q.9: Could you please inform me about Extra Fees?

Ask your attorney if they are going to charge any extra amount. Lawyers do charge extra fees, so be sure to ask them.


These are some of the questions that you should ask before hiring. It will regulate the outcome of your case. 

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