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“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

Warren Buffet

Today, technology has become an exciting opportunity for many enthusiasts who are keen on making big with the most promising Artificial Intelligence stocks. Not only these options have become popular among the highest-rated investment options; also experience a commonplace presence. The Global Artificial Intelligence industry is expected to grow from USD 59.7 billion in 2021 to USD 422.4 billion by 2028, according to Zion Market Research.

Sitting at the turn of the century, Artificial Intelligence stocks are rarer than you might think. Many companies vouch for AI technology initiatives and machine learning capabilities. It is evident that investing in AI stocks that utilize clever AI technology to make the products intelligent and processes meaner; is a wise decision. All AI software needs computing power to ascertain targeted business patterns and make timely inferences from humungous data. Self-driving cars, Robotics, Chatbots, Smartphones, Smart Wearables, drones, and many other devices are built on AI technology.

Cybersecurity firms have been investing in AI start-ups and buying many of them. A certified AI professional is the backbone of any key AI procedure and work play that involves accuracy and targeted business decisions. For many companies, gaining an edge with Artificial Intelligence requires an ongoing stream of investments in computer, networking, and data center infrastructure.

Bunch of popular AI stocks:

  • ZoomInfo Technologies aims at getting an edge in B2B marketing with artificial intelligence
  • Zendesk acquired Cleverly to advance customer service
  • Upstart Holdings leverages AI tools in evaluating personal and auto loan applications for banks
  • ServiceNow and DOCU have been aggressively working towards larger AI acquisitions

Easy ways to invest in Artificial Intelligence:

AI competition is fierce across industries. This competition extends to the enterprise software domain as well. Let us look at the popular options to invest in AI in a variety of industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Media and Advertising

Top 9 Tech-giants to invest in 2023:

  • Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft is in advance talks with OpenAI to invest more in the 7-year-old research company. As per The Wall Street Journal, OpenAI uses a huge amount of computer power to run AI products on Microsoft Azure. As the AI space expands rapidly, with IDC analysts this year predict the global market will grow an average of 18.6% a year through 2026. Recently, OpenAI rolled out DALL-E2 across Microsoft products and services reflecting how the company’s investment in AI research is helping to thoughtfully infuse AI into everything it builds.

  • Alphabet Inc.

Google and YouTube’s parent company Alphabet uses AI and automation in virtually every facet of its business, from ad pricing to content promotion to Gmail spam filters.

  • Amazon.com Inc.

Amazon has integrated AI into every aspect of its business, including targeted advertisements, eCommerce search algorithms, and Amazon Web Services. Amazon’s Alexa is the most popular virtual assistant and is already installed in many American households.

  • Nvidia Corp.

High-end chipmaker Nvidia provides the massive processing power needed to run advanced AI applications. Nvidia is the key supplier for high-growth markets such as high-end gaming, enterprise graphics, cloud computing, AI, and advanced automotive technology.

  • IBM Corp.

IBM remains a market leader in other AI technology, and AutoML and AutoAI products can help data scientists build and train AI and ML models efficiently.

  • Intuitive Surgical Inc.

ISRG sells the Da Vinci Surgical System that utilizes advanced robotics and computerized visualization technology to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Intuitive is working towards integrating big data and AI to build tools such as real-time guidance for surgeons and enhanced training.

  • Workday Inc.

Workday is a cloud-based application provider focused on human capital management. It helps businesses manage shift scheduling and prioritization, hiring and staffing challenges, and fluctuating labor demand.

  • Lemonade

The pioneer insurance company that is fully powered by AI. Many users have shown keen interest in Lemonade as it is easier to file an insurance claim in seconds without any personal contact.

  • Tesla

Tesla is a renowned name in the AI industry as it has made waves since its origin. The company holds an Annual AI Day dedicated to utilizing AI as a recruitment tool to attract the brightest minds in the field. Humanoid Robots, Self-driving cars, and Robot Taxi services are some of the clever technologies envisioned by the brand.

Companies that aren’t investing in AI products and services stand at a higher risk of becoming obsolete. Best AI certifications are the key to a rock-solid foundation in making it big in the Artificial intelligence industry. Countless companies benefit from AI whereas a handful of stocks have AI and automation as their business nucleus. Major Artificial Intelligence software requires computing power to find patterns and make inferences from a large quantum of data. The hustle is on to build AI chips from data centers, self-driving cars, robotics, smartphones, drones, and many such devices. Make the most of the digitization wave around the globe with AI making the world intellectually sound!

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