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A Brief Introduction To Garage Door Spring

by Uneeb Khan
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When somebody returns home after a long day’s work, he usually feels quite happy and secure internally. However, if he finds that the garage door is not opening then he will feel quite upset and frustrated. The cause for the malfunctioning of the garage door can be because of a broken garage door spring that has to be repaired at the earliest. These springs can play an important role when it comes to the opening and closing of the door regarding which we have mentioned some interesting facts in this article.

At present, 2 types of springs are used on overhead garage doors, namely, the torsion spring and the extension spring. Let us take a close look at these 2 types of springs in the following paragraphs.

Extension Springs

1. How is an extension spring going to work?

This type of spring is going to absorb the door’s weight when it is closing, and this is stored as energy. On the other hand, energy will be released by the spring for lifting the door when it is opened. On most occasions, it will be almost impossible for the opener of the door to lift on its own given that the weight of the door can be several hundred pounds. On most occasions, a couple of extension Springs will be used by the garage doors for getting the job done. However, some lighter and cheaper garage doors will use one single extension spring only.

2. Will it be a good idea to have 1 or 2 extension springs on the door?

Unlike torsion Springs, extension Springs will not be able to store much energy. This is one primary reason why a couple of extension springs are usually found on a typical garage door. However, there is one more reason for this, which happens to be safety. In case there is only one extension spring and it accidentally falls on any person by breaking the safety measures, the result will not be desirable in any case. However, this can be prevented with the help of 2 springs since if one breaks the other will prevent the door from crashing to the floor.

3. What are some essential guidelines for maintaining extension Springs?

There is no strict rule that one should follow while maintaining extension springs. The most effective option will be to get the springs checked regularly with the help of some reliable garage door experts to make certain that everything is working in perfect condition. In this way, it will be possible to prevent the garage door hardware from malfunctioning in the long run.

Torsion Springs

1. What kind of garage door makes use of torsion Springs?

Almost every type of door is going to use torsion Springs at present. However, you will find them on many occasions on single-panel garage doors. We can safely assert that cheaper garage doors use extension Springs while the more expensive ones use torsion Springs.

2. How is it possible to maintain the torsion Springs?

Like extension Springs, the most effective way to maintain the torsion Springs at frequent intervals will be to take the help of an authentic garage door repair company in your area. They will ensure that the Torsion Springs are lubricated and are also free of any debris and Dirt.

3. Is it a fact that more than one torsion spring is used by some doors?

For many years, the garage doors powered by torsion Springs used only one large spring. However, this thing has changed in recent times, and we often find doors using 2 torsion Springs which are small in size as compared to a large spring. The effect is almost the same, similar to extension Springs. This implies that if one garage door spring breaks, the other will not allow the door to crash to the floor. However, it will not be a good idea to make use of the garage door if at least one torsion spring becomes broken or damaged. It might inflict serious damage to the garage door since an uneven force will be applied to all the garage door components including the rollers, tracks, and cables.

If your garage door Springs are giving trouble and you want to replace them, do not do it on your own. Instead, take the help of an authentic garage door repair company in your locality.

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