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A Complete Guide on Google Business Messaging

by Uneeb Khan
A Complete Guide on Google Business Messaging


It has been estimated that an average of 63,000 search queries take place each second which means 5.6 billion Google searches happening daily. The number of searches taking place every day has made Google a synonym for search.

The search results be they local or organic, are an effective way for customer touchpoints that can be leveraged for connecting the customers with their favorite brands, and this is the focus of Google Business Messages (GBM).

The majority of customers prefer to connect with brands of their choice via chat. A survey shows that 72% of people are more likely to purchase from brands that communicate through chat messages. Extending the same concept for helping customers discover the brands of their choice opens a vast potential for business messaging.

Google Business Messaging taps into this by permitting a chat option for a business listing on Google search results, Google Maps, & Google ads as well. A study reveals that online ads have the power to enhance brand awareness by 80% & 50% of the people clicking on these ads are more likely to make a buy.

What Exactly Does GBM Do?

In easy terms, Google Business Messaging allows the messaging option for a business listing on Google Search, Google Maps, Google Ads, & other brand assets like websites, phone dialers, etc., to enable users searching for brand/business-specific keywords to have instant access via Google chat API.

GBM is a super-rich messaging service that assists users or customers to easily engage with brands from multiple entry points. It provides consumers with an added advantage to connect with the brands they wish to with ease.

Let’s dig deep & learn more about GBM with its features, & advantages.

Features of Google Business Messaging

  1. Discoverability

GBM is known for paving the way for brands to become easily discoverable to customers via organic or local search in Google Maps. In addition to maps, Google Ads, & Google Answer Cards are also supported by GBM and are widely used by customers as well.

  1. Device Agnostic

One of the most practical & important features of GBM is device agnostic. It can be used on all kinds of devices including smartphones, laptops, desktop systems, and tablets. It is available for all platforms such as Windows, Android, & iOS.

  1. Automation Support

Google Business Messaging supports chatbot messenger development with automated replies to enhance the customer experience. You can train bots with commonly asked questions or FAQs so that they can provide instant support to customer queries.

  1. Persistent Chat History

Regardless of who initiates the chat over GBM, customers, or brands, these can be persistent for 30 days. This provides enough time for both the brands as well as the customers to respond appropriately to each other.

Benefits of GBM

Multiple Customer Touchpoints

The messaging option available on search results, ads, maps, & widgets is the multiple touchpoints for customers that simplifies brand visibility, discoverability, & accessibility as well.

Reduced Handle Times

When a customer query reaches a business’s customer care center, a lot of handling time is involved from the business end. On the other hand, the Google chat feature greatly minimizes the time needed for handling customer queries.

Decreased Call Cost

Because a lot of customer queries can be managed by the GBM chat feature, it reduces a significant amount of call costs included by customer service centers.

Reconnect with Customers

Connecting with customers post-purchase for their feedback reflects a brand’s after-sale service & concern for its customers. This is badly needed by businesses for gaining customer loyalty & brand visibility. GBM offers enough scope for businesses to do the same. This feature is extremely helpful in cases where a potential customer checks a product via chat but ends up not buying it. Here, the brand has not lost a customer thanks to the persistent chat history feature. It allows businesses to start a conversation again by personalizing the required product/ service for increasing the chance of a sale. GBM also improves the conversion rate.

Seamless Integration

GBM is easily integratable with a lot of customer support systems without impacting the existing service channels of a business.

Marketing Features

GBM also supports features like rich cards or carousels, with buttons depending upon the suggested user actions & responses for allowing an improved user experience & better customer engagement standards.

Smooth Live Agent Transition

A smooth & seamless transition from an automated chatbot to a live customer support agent is possible with GBM. This occurs when the automated replies are not able to solve the customer’s problem or while responding to complex customer questions.


GBM follows the path of success by connecting customers with the brands where they already are. This has become the new mantra for businesses. All the brands wishing to know how a brand goes live with GBM should know that Google’s Business Messaging API is the answer.

Things can become faster if a Google partner with all the expertise in working with Google’s API is involved. Gupshup has an impressive track record in designing & deploying business messaging solutions across various channels including GBM.

Reach out to Gupshup for more information on GBM & other services like Google SMS service.

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