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A Complete Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup Guide

by Uneeb Khan

Do you want to enjoy uninterrupted internet access? If you nod yes, then you must perform Rockspace WiFi extender setup. Setting up Rockspace WiFi extender in a proper way will provide you with continuous WiFi signals without losing internet connectivity and speed.

So, to set up Rockspace WiFi extender, here are the instructions to be followed. Keep scrolling down! Don’t worry! Rockspace WiFi extender setup is not rocket science. Even a 5-year-old kind can perform the process. Trust us! The process is a piece of cake.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup

The Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Unbox Rockspace Extender

First things first, unbox your Rockspace WiFi extender. Keep it aside very carefully. Once you are done with the unboxing process, chose a working wall socket near your router.

Step 2

Supply Power to the Extender

The next step toward Rockspace WiFi extender setup process is to plug it in and provide it with a steady power supply.

What! Don’t have a wall plug near your main router? Why are you sweating then? You might have an extension cord, haven’t you? You can use the cord for plugging in the devices closer to each other.

Don’t have the extension cord as well? No problem! Connect your devices in a wireless manner to set up Rockspace WiFi extender. Will it work now? If yes, head over to the next step.

Step 3

Rockspace Extender Placement

This is one of the most important steps to set up Rockspace WiFi extender. The placement of your Rock space WiFi extender decides its speed, connectivity, and performance. By any chance, if the placement of your Rockspace WiFi extender is wrong, you will surely face issues while setting it up.

So, to set up Rockspace WiFi extender without ado, we suggest you place it at the center-most and higher location in your home.

Note: Do not keep your Rockspace extender and router inside a cabinet or under a table.

Step 4

Turn on a Device

The next step to set up Rockspace WiFi extender is to turn on a desktop or laptop.

Note: Make sure that the software of the device is up-to-date.

Step 5

Open a Web Browser

After opening the device, the next step to set up Rockspace WiFi extender is to open a web browser of your choice.

Note: You can use any web browser as per compatibility of the device, but not outdated. Bear in mind – outdated web browser version will give you Rockspace WiFi extender login issues. And, if you get Rockspace WiFi extender login issues, you won’t be able to set up Rockspace WiFi extender. Also, we suggest you clear the browsing history and close/ unpin all the tabs for the time being.

Once you are done, move the mouse cursor to the browser’s address bar and enter http://re.rockspace.local or the default IP address, 

Note: Do not use the browser’s search bar to enter http://re.rockspace.local or the default IP address, Also, take care of the typing errors. Typos in the web or the IP address will take you to some other web page instead of Rockspace WiFi extender login window.

Step 6

Do Rockspace WiFi Extender Login

To access the Rockspace WiFi extender login page, there is a need to enter the default username and password of the device into the required fields. Enter them carefully without making typing errors and click on Log In, OK, or Done.

Note: See the Rockspace WiFi extender manual for its default username and password.

Step 7

Follow the On-Screen Instructions

Once you get access to Rockspace WiFi extender setup page, follow the on-screen instructions as per the model you have. Once you set up Rockspace WiFi extender, you will get extended and uninterrupted internet range everywhere in your house. Be its blind spots, the Rockspace WiFi extender WiFi signals won’t stop working.

Wrap Up

Do we hope that the given Rockspace WiFi extender setup steps mentioned here in this post have helped you out in a bigger way? If your answer is yes, please share your thoughts with your fellow readers. One more thing that we would like to share prior to ending the post – please reboot or power cycle your Rockspace WiFi extender every ten days. Doing so will ensure the smooth performance and well working of your Rockspace WiFi extender.

Thank you for sticking to the 5-minute read post!

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