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A Comprehensive Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) In 2023 

by Uneeb Khan
app store optimization

Have you heard yet that there are 3.55 million app users currently available on Google Play- and Apple App Store has almost 2.22 million apps in place for iOS Users? The number of apps on these platforms has been increasing over the years.

If your company offers an app, you must use the proper app store optimization (ASO) strategies. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have millions of apps. Learning how app store optimization works and how it can make your app stand out is necessary for the highly competitive digital environment. ASO and SEO are very similar, there are some key distinctions that you be to speed up your app’s performance.

Let’s delve deeper to build an app like Airdroid and learn how to optimize your app for the platforms of Apple App Store & Google Play Store, as well as how the app store optimization helps you to make your app highlighted.

This blog post will walk you through the specific strategies and key factors:

  • Introduction of App Store Optimization (ASO)Reasons to not ignore ASO
  • Key Ranking Factors to Optimize Your App on Different Platforms 
  • Tips to Optimize Your App  

What is App Store Optimization?

Making mobile apps more effective for the app store’s search engine is known as “App Store Optimization.” Potential users of an app will be more likely to see your app if it gets the rank higher in the app store’s search results.

How Can The App Store Optimization (ASO) Benefit Your App? 

New, high-quality services are increasingly in demand. According to Statista, by 2026, the volume of the app market will grow by 9.27%. But if an app appears on the 999th line of search results, it will get a few downloads. App store optimization assists developers in enhancing their visibility, user appeal, and ability to convert views into downloads. Before learning how to optimize your app, let’s look at the reasons for paying attention to the ASO in your app.  

  • The purpose of ASO is to improve your app’s rank, which ultimately expands your brand awareness.
  • With the right app store optimization strategy, you may influence your growth on the platform and save money in the long term.
  • Through app store optimization, an app’s visibility within the app store is enhanced, resulting in more people discovering and exploring the app, escalating the chances of downloads occurring.
  • The app store optimization allows you to earn revenue or drive conversion in one way or another.   

Key Ranking Algorithms to Optimize Your App on Different Platforms 

Despite having a similar look and serving the same purpose, the ranking factors used by the App Store and Google Play are designed differently. Consider the different variants in metadata and indexing between sites when formulating an App Store Optimization strategy. Look below to see the ranking factors on different platforms.

Ranking Factors in The Apple App Store 

The following known factors for an iOS app on the Apple App Store highly influence your app store rank in the search results.

  • App Name
  • Subtitle
  • Keyword
  • App URL
  • Number of Downloads
  • Positive Ratings
  • Innovative Updates
  • In-app Purchase

Ranking Factors in The Google Play Store

The following known factors for Android apps on the Google Play Store highly influence your app store rank in the search results.

  • App Title
  • App Short Description
  • App Long Description
  • User’s Ratings & Reviews
  • Number of Downloads
  • Innovative Updates
  • In-app Purchase

7 Amazing Tips to Optimize Your App 

  1. Optimize Your App’s Title & Description 

The most significant element of metadata you can use to increase the downloads is the app’s title. The effort to keep your title under 25 characters so that it appears in its entirety on the app browse screen. To increase downloads, a title should be memorable as well. Your app will be simpler to find if you use the name of your business and your primary keyword.

Next, you must work on your app’s description to make an app like Airdroid. The first 250 characters of the description should contain as many relevant keywords as possible. Any further information after this initial description requires a “read more” click from the potential customers.

  1. Use Keywords Wisely 

Like in SEO, keywords are the essential factor in ASO.

The Google Play Store does not have the option to enter up to 100 characters of keywords in the keyword field, whereas the Apple App Store does. When selecting your keywords for both platforms, you must be careful and concentrate on the most popular search terms. Additionally, for the best app store optimization, you can indulge the most relevant keywords five times in the description.

  1. Focus On Icon Design 

Downloads and ranking are directly correlated; the more downloads your app receives, the more popular it is thought to be and the higher it is ranked. An appealing icon of your app is crucial to engage users. So, choose wisely since you only have one image to convince app store users that your app is worthwhile.

  1. Encourage Positive Reviews

Positive ratings and reviews will significantly impact your efforts to optimize your app for the app store in terms of quantity and quality. It’s in your best interest as much as you can. Although, the ratings & reviews must be sincere opinions from users who have downloaded the app. Also, encourage people you know to give your app a positive review on the App Store or Google Play through word of mouth.

  1. Use High-Quality Screenshots 

People can decide whether or not to download an app in just 7 seconds. High-quality app store screenshots will make a significant difference because how your app store page appears is an important deciding factor. It is cited as the second most influential element to convince someone to install your app.

  1. Work To Increase App Installs 

The more downloads your app receives, the more it can be seen in the app store search results. It all comes down to the algorithm rewarding popular apps. It would help if you emphasized how crucial it is to improve your visibility. But it would help if you also tried to boost your app’s install rate. A visible app that isn’t being downloaded will only stay visible for a short time.

  1. Re-Evaluate Regularly 

It’s time to look at your data, make some judgments, and adjust some things if it’s been a few weeks and you’re not happy with your app’s current app store ranking:

  • The keywords might need to be revised.
  • Is the description insufficiently compelling?
  • If it’s in the correct category, are you sure?
  • Does the icon need to be adjusted?

To improve one’s ranking, one can do all of these things and more. When you make changes, it’s crucial to do so gradually and wait a week before evaluating their effects.

Summing Up

To conclude, you need to pay close attention to your app store optimization strategy if you want a popular app with higher visibility, downloads, and the potential to generate income. Nonetheless, if you already have an app, it is necessary to concentrate on your mobile app UX designs to keep it fast, smooth, accessible, updated, and well-maintained. With these ranking factors, you will be able to lead your app towards good reviews, high ratings, and a reputable position on the app store search result page.

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