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A Gas Cooktop, a Radiant Hob or An Induction Cooktop

by Uneeb Khan
induction stove Vs gas stove

Long gone are the days when you need to buy a particular brand of stove in order to cook food. Today, there are various brands available in the market that offer various features. Some companies have even started making their stoves compatible with other brands so that you can use them interchangeably with different brands.

But what if you want to upgrade your kitchen? What if you want to equip your kitchen with a brand-new stove? Well, it is not as difficult as it seems. The infographic below will help you decide which type of stove is best for your kitchen.

What is an induction cooktop?

We all know that stoves, burners, and ovens all work differently. However, there are some features in common across each of them. For example, all of them use the heat source to heat the cookware. This is because they have no built-in heating element or an external heater to start with and need additional heat before they can take effect.

However, you shouldn’t be too surprised if you encounter an induction stove or an electric burner while shopping around for new kitchen appliances. The reason is simple – both induction stoves and electric burners are very similar in terms of design and function as they both produce heat by using electricity to generate eddy currents in cookware materials.

What is a gas hob?

Induction stoves have become more popular than ever as a result of their speed, convenience, and energy efficiency. These stoves do not need any external power supply for heating and cooking. They can be powered by electricity or gas. Gas burners are usually found on induction stovetops, but there are some models that only use electric heaters.

Induction stoves are very small and compact, so they can easily fit into any kitchen. Induction stoves are designed to work efficiently with either electric or gas burners, so you don’t have to worry about choosing between one type of heat source or another when shopping for an induction stovetop!

What is a radiant hob?

In comparison, gas stoves do not get hot and are very easy to clean. They also have a very high heat output that can be controlled with knobs or remote controls.

Gas stoves will not overheat on the cooktop surface. If you have an induction hob and it gets too hot, simply turn off the power supply to your stovetop by turning off the gas valve at the gas meter and re-connecting it after about 30 minutes or so. You can also put a piece of baking paper on top of your stovetop if you do not want to reconnect the gas supply just yet.

You should always keep an eye on your gas hob to see if it is heating up too much and adjust accordingly if needed.

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Gas stoves are the most common type of stovetop. They use gas as their primary energy source and provide the best overall performance for cooking large meals.

Electric stoves use electricity to heat up the burner elements and cook food. Electric stoves tend to have higher wattage burners than gas stoves, so they can reach higher temperatures. In addition, some electric stoves also have automatic igniters that turn on automatically when a burner is heated up to its maximum temperature, which helps prevent overcooking food.

Induction stoves use magnetic fields to produce heat in the pots or pans placed on top of them. Unlike electric and gas stoves, induction stove Vs gas stove don’t require any electricity at all; they just need enough power to create a magnetic field around the pan or pot being heated by induction technology.

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