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A precise overview of choosing the most suitable EOR service

by Uneeb Khan

When you want to expand your business, especially in India, with remote locations or a more diverse workforce, you need to choose the most appropriate EOR services (Employer of Records). A company handles various HR issues on your behalf. 

Be sure of your needs

You have to be confident about your HR requirements. When you are sure, you can hire PEO service in India to do the job for you. It is possible to receive custom solutions from the company. You need to discuss the objectives with the PEO professionals you hire thoroughly. 

The main functions

You might be wondering about the functionalities the EOR service encompasses. There are some distinct HR aspects about which you do not have to bother, such as:

  • Assessing the legal requirements of expanding business
  • The regulations of hiring employees in a new location
  • Handling matters related to immigration 
  • Each detail related to payroll 

Inquire about the local presence of the company 

Before you decide to hire the EOR company, you should have clear idea about theirlocal presence. For example, if you intend to open an office in India, the EOR company you hire must be in India. 

Local presence of the EOR service provider gives an additional benefit to your company. You do not have to bother about the cultural differences. Also, the company would know the local job market. It would efficiently hire top talent for your company. 

Check out the freedom the EOR experts can enjoy

It is also essential to know the extent of freedom the EOR experts have in a particular country. When you are aware of the information, hire the professionals according to your specific HR needs. 

In India, HUSYS offers several global companies an extensive range of EOR services. It has ample flexibility to oversee comprehensive HR operations on behalf of the companies. It efficiently plans and implements HR strategies in various business domains. You can consider it if you want to expand your business in India.

Business data privacy should be a concern

It is one of your main priorities to secure business data and sensitive customer information as a business owner. So, it is your responsibility to check the EOR service provider’s measures to secure your business data. 

The company you plan to hire must have advanced technologies in place to keep your data safe against breaches. There should be multiple technical firewalls or similar solutions to shield customer data. It is vital to discuss such things with the EOR service provider before taking a final call.

Know the price model

You will be a client of the EOR company. So, it is your right to dig through the details of the price model of the company. You must inquire about the service rates of the professional PEO and EOR services you plan to receive. 

Usually, when you hire experts from a reputable, established company, you can ensure that the service rates are pretty competitive. You do not have to bother too much about the price. The fees are not exorbitant from a practical viewpoint. As an ambitious business owner planning to penetrate a new market, the budget will not be an issue for you.

But, it is crucial to inquire whether the company offers any provision or facility to customize the service rates. You may choose the selected services of the company. In such cases, customization can result in better control of expenses. It helps in reducing the budget. 

The contract details

One of the most significant aspects of hiring EOR experts is the contract between the EOR company and your company. Do not overlook the details of the contract. Read each point thoroughly. Go through the clauses and sub-clauses of the contract before you decide. 

It would be best to be sure about keeping complete control of the HR activities. The EOR experts will implement the strategies and monitor the proceedings. But, at the end of the day, you are the business owner. So, the HR operations should remain under your control.

Check whether it will be time-saving and convenient to oversee the HR proceedings from any remote location. You should have unhindered access to the HR platform.

The company should be licensed

It is crucial to hire an EOR company that has the necessary license to enter into a partnership and handle HR operations on behalf of a business. You must also check whether the professionals are certified. There should not be any compromise in this regard.

Ask your questions

Ensure asking relevant questions to professionals with several years of experience in implementing various EOR solutions. Your questions should be to the point and seek precise answers from the service provider. After you receive replies from the EOR company, you can assess the situation and decide to hire the experts to expand your business. 

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