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A Simple way of Importing OLM to Office 365 Using Various Methods

by Uneeb Khan
OLM to Office 365

Outlook is the most widely used application in the world, particularly in the business world. Microsoft Outlook is available for both Windows and Mac OS. The default storage file format is the sole change. On Windows, Outlook 2011 saves data in PST format, whereas on Mac OS, Outlook 2011 saves data in OLM format. Users nowadays desire to migrate their OLM to Office 365. Outlook’s desktop client nature limits users, whereas Office 365 gives them the freedom to access data from anywhere.

What is the Best way to Export OLM to Office 365?

There is no direct mechanism to export OLM files to Office 365 from Microsoft. Because there is no need for a direct path, we will import OLM file to Office 365 the best migration tool to utilize the procedures below:

Method 1: Using IMAP, Export OLM to Office 365.

  • To begin, set up Gmail in Mac Outlook.
  • Open Outlook for Mac, select the Outlook tab and then select Preferences.
  • Accounts can be found under Personal Settings >> Accounts.
  • Later, pick the email by clicking the Plus icon.
  • Enter the username and valid password for your Gmail account, then click the Add Account button.
  • Your Gmail account has now been added to your Outlook for Mac profile.

Method 2: Export Outlook Files from a Mac to Gmail.

  • Open Outlook on your Mac.
  • Then, on the configured email account option, right-click.
  • Select the option to create a new folder.
  • Give the new folder a name that is necessary.
  • Select Import from the File menu.
  • Now you’ll see an Import Wizard box, where you’ll need to select the Outlook data file >> tap Next to continue.
  • Select the OLM and then “Import” from the Outlook for Mac Data file (.olm).
  • The Import Complete notification will appear once the importing process is completed. To finish, press the Done button.
  • The files are then available in Mac Outlook. Right-click on all of the emails to choose them.
  • After that, select the Move option, and then the Choose Folder option.
  • All mails were migrated to the Gmail user account that had been set up.

Method 3: Connect Gmail to Microsoft Outlook.

  • Start Outlook 2016.
  • Select File, then Add Account from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be presented with two options: Manual configuration or extra server types.
  • Choose between POP and IMAP.
  • You must now enter your name and email address in the user information section.
  • You must also pick POP3 as an account type in the server details. Also, smtp.gmail.com is an outgoing mail server, and pop.gmail.com is an incoming mail server.
  • Provide your Gmail user ID and correct password in the fields below.
  • Select More Options from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Outgoing server tab in the Internet email settings and check the box next to My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication.
  • Enter 995 as the incoming server and 465 as the outgoing server in the advanced option.
  • Check the box next to This server requires an encrypted connection, then click OK.

Method 4: Export OLM to Office 365 Using an Automated Solution

If you don’t want to go through the lengthy manual approach because it’s a time-consuming process, we have an alternative solution for you: OLM Converter for Mac. In just a few minutes, this solution can export Mac Outlook OLM files. OLM files of any size can be exported using this technique.

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The methods for exporting OLM to Office 365 were explained in the preceding article. The option to export OLM to PST is not available from Microsoft. As a result, importing to Office 365 becomes difficult. IMAP configuration or PST capture agent configuration are both options for migration.

Both systems have a flaw that limits their effectiveness. For 100 percent accurate results, it is highly suggested that you utilize the professional tool. Without altering the file format, OLM Converter exports OLM files directly to Office 365.

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