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Advantages of PSA Oxygen Nitrogen Generator Plant

by Uneeb Khan

We provide wide range of air separation products. Choose our company for amazing customer service and timely technical assistance. Being a leading manufacturer, we provide all types of air separation solutions for our clients including PSA oxygen nitrogen generator.

No denying, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is one of the popular air separation techniques. Obviously, the process uses atmospheric air as the raw material for production of oxygen and nitrogen with purity ranging between 92-95%. On the one hand, it can generate uninterrupted oxygen/nitrogen supply. On the other hand, PSA is an environmental-friendly technology.

However, our company uses PSA technology with carbon molecular sieves in the generators for producing high purity oxygen or nitrogen. We supply them to our customers with or without internal compressors. We also manufacture cryogenic oxygen plants but they are ideal for customers with high consumption & high purity.

Main Benefits of PSA Oxygen Nitrogen Generator:-

  • No need to worry about gas loss with our PSA plants with O2/N2 delivery on demand
  • Do not need to worry about gas inventory
  • Provides consistent gas supply with stable purity
  • No risk of pipeline contamination
  • Economical compared to getting bulk gas supply
  • Offers environmental-friendly option to generate O2/N2
  • PSA generators are energy efficient
  • Contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions

What is PSA Technology?

PSA is abbreviated form of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. It is used for generating oxygen & nitrogen. We will define pressure, swing and adsorption in order to understand PSA.


The process needs pressure between 4-8 bars. There is option for using higher pressure as well in case the customer specifications demand it.


When pressure is increasing in one vessel the other one is regenerating through a fall in pressure.


PSA principle achieves separation of atmospheric air through adsorption. In this technique, the product gas is allowed to pass through while the other gas is adsorbed in the sieve.

Thus it is clear that PSA oxygen generator works through two pressure vessels filled with ZEOLITE. The generator blows processed air through a valve into the 1st vessel with pressure rising to 4-8 bars.

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