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Air Purifier Vs Humidifier | Difference & Comparison

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Air pollution has become a matter of grave concern in the 21st century. Besides the outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution has become extremely dangerous. Various studies have shown that indoor air quality could be 2-5 times worse than outdoor air quality.

Along with the various initiatives taken by the government and private bodies to tackle the outdoor air pollution, the indoor air pollution can be reduced by simple measures. Installing the right air purifier can be a positive step to improve the indoor air quality(IAQ).

Modern advanced air purifiers equipped with both active and passive air purification technologies can get rid of most of the pollutants like PM 2,5, 10, dander, pollen, mould, fungus, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), bacteria and viruses (including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus).

Although air purifiers do restore the freshness of the inside air, it is not the only deciding factor. A low or high humidity can also affect the comfort level indoors. To maintain an optimal humidity level inside the room especially during the dry winter season, the use of a humidifier is a must. The comparison between an air purifier and Humidifier can be seen below:

ParameterAir PurifierHumidifier
What it does?Eliminates all kinds of pollutantsAdds moisture thus increasing the relative humidity.
How it works?Uses a combination of filter technologies to remove the pollutants inside the room. HEPA filter, Activated Carbon, UV and ionizers are some of the common ones.Moisture is produced in multiple ways. Ultrasonic, Evaporation and Hot Steam are the most common ones.
Who needs it?People with respiratory problems like asthma and pneumonia. Also advised for people suffering from any kind of allergies.People having dry skins and sleeping problems. It makes the air comfortable and cosy with aromatherapy.
When to use it?It can be used all the year-long, especially during the winter and spring seasons.Ideal for use during the dry winter season.
LimitationsAwareness of the right product in the market.Condense mist humidifiers can dampen the floors.
PriceAvailable at various prices as per the size of the roomCost is less but the operational cost is much higher for some types such as warm steam humidifier.

Besides the above tabular comparison, there are other differences also like the types of air purifiers and humidifiers present in the market. A broad classification has been listed below:

Types of Air Purifiers

Passive Air Purifiers:

Air purifiers that contain a combination Passive filter technologies.

·       HEPA Filtration: It is a highly dense filter that can trap airborne contaminants. Searching for a True HEPA filter is the right way to go that can eliminate and is certified to remove 99.97% of the particles (as small as 0.3 microns) from the enclosed space. Air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters are good for removing pollutants like particulate matter, dust, allergens, visible smoke and pet dander.

·        Carbon Filtration: This filter is equipped with a special form of activated carbon that can trap odours, gases, chemicals and volatile organic compounds. It also helps in retaining the freshness of the room by reducing toxic substances that are in the air.

·   Ionization: The air purifier with this technology emits charged ions into the air that attaches to airborne contaminants. The weight of the particles increases and is easily captured by the internal air filters. The process can remove ultra-fine particles down to 0.01 microns in size.

·   Ultraviolet Light: It is a special kind of light that kills airborne microbial including bacteria and viruses by destroying their molecular DNA/RNA structure. While the air passes through the air purifier, the UV light traps the microbial to ensure that the air flowing back in the room is sterilized and clean.

Active Air Purifiers:

Air purifiers that work with active air purification technologies:

·        PHI Cell: The PHI-Cell produces atmospheric hydrogen peroxides molecules in the indoor spaces imitating the action of early morning sun. It is the most advanced active air purification technology that neutralizes microbes in the air (responsible for cross infection & respiratory diseases) by altering their DNA/RNA and rendering them inactive. Hence allowing easy & safe breathing.  This technology has been successfully tested and approved by an internationally accredited virology lab in USA and India over SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) virus with 99% reduction from the air and surfaces.

·        REME-LED: REME LED uses the UV Led of optimum wavelength directed on a hybrid catalyst that combines to produce friendly oxidizers like Hydrogen Peroxide molecules in the indoor space. These friendly oxidizers neutralize allergens, odor, viruses, mold, bacteria, VOCs, and microbial in the air. In addition to REME-LED™ Bipolar Ionization (BPI) releases positive and negative ions, which reduce PM2.5 levels in the indoor space. It is also mercury free and zero ozone compliant. It is safe for kids, pregnant women and old people.


Types of Humidifiers-

Humidifiers come in 3 forms commonly.

·       Warm Mist: These kinds of humidifiers heat up the water with a gentle boiling process for producing a warm moist that can be seen and felt in the air.

·       Cool Mist: These types of humidifiers are equipped with filters that trap minerals, sediments and other impurities while delivering a cool invisible mist that evaporates into the air.

·       Ultrasonic: These kinds of humidifiers make use of a diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency. Water droplets are created in the process that are pushed into the air with a fan to create a cool lighter mist which quickly disperses humidity into the room.

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