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All About Vintage Fashion

by Uneeb Khan

Vintage fashion is a look of today that borrows its look and character from yesterday’s fashion. A true lifestyle for some – based on velvet sofas, Formica chairs, and wallpapers with pop motifs. The retro style is an opportunity for others to stand out with a perfectly honed sense of style. Because no, the vintage look is not the easiest to master, far from it! You have to know how to tame it and measure it so as not to fall into caricature or disguise. But then precisely, what makes a good vintage fashion? At your pens, it’s time to take notes.

An excellent retro look is based on three main aspects: materials, colors, and prints. But beware, each of these aspects varies according to the period in question, otherwise, it would be too easy… Among the essential fabrics first, we find for example knitwear, velvet, silk, denim, leather, and vinyl. On the color side, we give pride of place to all the shades of the rainbow by adjusting our palette to the time that catches our eye. Want a 70s look? Choose natural and earthy colors. Rather 80’s? Bet on flashy colors with a high rate of retinal persistence. The same thing to prints: floral, psychedelic, or geometric, we choose them to stick to our favorite decade.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a good retro look only works if you don’t overdo it. So to avoid the total dusty vintage Fashion, we combine retro and modern pieces, mix styles and eras, and accessorize sparingly. Our credo: retro, but not too much.


The modernized vintage style can be worn everywhere and at any time of the day. Chic or casual, its complete and diversified wardrobe allows you to create trendy vintage outfits in all circumstances. But again, remember that it’s all about the dosage.

For a tour of the thrift stores

Today you are in your element. You’ve planned a circuit of the best thrift stores in town and you’ve decided to undermine yourself accordingly. On the program: red velvet pants, a pastel yellow floral blouse, a sleeveless dad sweater with a jacquard pattern, and a patchwork bucket hat. A perfect retro composition, finished with a touch of modernity on the feet to unearth even more vintage treasures in your favorite shops.


Who better than fashion influencers to inspire us with vintage looks filled with allure and great finds? Increasingly numerous in recent years, Instagrammers specializing in the vintage look are now well established and have an ever-increasing number of subscribers. To understand the hype, let’s take a look at their accounts (and steal some ideas from them).

That’s it, the stylistic journey through the ages ends here. And to thank you for your attention here is one last piece of information that risks giving us the bumblebee (and a good bit of old). You should therefore know that the fashion of the 2000s has now also become retro, that it is ultra trendy at the moment, and that it bears the sweet nickname of Y2K for Year 2 K (The year 2000). Yeah… we’ll laugh less in 2060 when we find ads for a sweater from the Y2K20s on the Vinted of the future, I’m telling you!

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