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All that you need to know about airbrush makeup 

by Uneeb Khan
airbrush makeup

If you have ever seen an advertisement for a makeup product saying that it will give you an ‘airbrush finish’ and didn’t understand the term, you are not alone. There are a lot of women who are still dependent on the traditional makeup application process that involves an unhygienic method of applying makeup using hand tools like sponges and brushes. 

What those makeup ads mean when they say ‘airbrush finish’ is you are going to get an all-natural, skin-like finish that every woman desires but doesn’t get because of the limitation of the makeup products and tools at hand. Airbrush makeup is one of the most common techniques of applying makeup that was once confined to only celebrities and mega-rich people. 

Now, airbrush makeup has become popular among the masses and it will soon become ubiquitous in almost every women’s makeup box. If you are all decked out for a big day and you aren’t in the mood of compromising on the makeup you are going to carry, what you need is an airbrush makeup kit. 

If you are fed up with traditional makeup and looking for a way to ameliorate your makeup game, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we are going to discuss all that you need to know about airbrush makeup. 

What is airbrush makeup?

It is a professional method of makeup application in which an airbrush gun is used to spray makeup products on the face to get an all-natural look. The airbrush gun is preloaded with specially designed makeup products and then a trigger on the gun is used to control the flow of makeup product on your skin. 

The airbrush gun works by passing a stream of quickly moving air through a venturi. This is what builds a local reduction in air pressure that further allows the makeup product to be pulled from the reservoir. This might sound like a complicated mechanism but all you need is a couple of applications to learn how to use an airbrush gun. 

Different types of airbrush makeup formulas


This airbrush makeup is mostly made with a high level of alcohol and one of the best things about this makeup is it lasts longer than any other best airbrush for makeup formula. But since this has a high level of alcohol, even an airbrush makeup artist will try to keep it at bay. It is good when you are trying to cover tattoos or any other permanent mark on the skin. 


This is the most common type of best airbrush for makeup formula you are going to find on the internet. It is a perfect choice for women with oily skin as the water-based formula offers a matte finish as soon as it settles on the face. If you are always exposed to bright lights, water-based airbrush makeup formula can be a great option. 


If you are more inclined towards natural-looking makeup, the silicone-based formula will be the best choice for you. This formula gives you a skin-like finish and it even feels light on the face. The makeup deepens after a couple of hours and therefore, you should stick to lighter shades. 

What are the benefits of using airbrush makeup?


One of the best things about airbrush makeup is it’s long-lasting. You will be surprised to know that if applied well like an airbrush makeup artist, the airbrush makeup can last longer than 12 hours. 

Easier to layer 

Traditional makeup has a thicker consistency and therefore when you layer it with airbrush makeup, it ends up looking cakey. But you won’t have to deal with such problems while using airbrush makeup. 

Offers a flawless finish 

When applied properly, airbrushing makeup can give a flawless finish while hiding all the pores. The spraying of the makeup product on the skin hides all the blemishes and every type of skin imperfection. And since the airbrush gun uses a very less quantity of makeup products, it gives you an ultra-light layer of makeup that feels all-natural. 

Hygienic application 

There is no involvement of your hand in airbrushing makeup. All you need to do is to press the trigger of the airbrush gun and it will spray the makeup products on your face. This is the most hygienic way of applying makeup and that is why so many women fall in love even after a single application. 

Airbrush makeup has now become a new normal among the masses and it will soon become an imperative part of every women’s makeup kit. Using the airbrush makeup is a cakewalk and just after a single application, you are going to fall in love with its natural, long-lasting, light-weight and flawless look. Just make sure to buy the best airbrush makeup kit.

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