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Allstate denied my roof claim – but I won’t give up that easily

by Uneeb Khan
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I was in an accident, and my car was totaled; the insurance company paid out on my claim and I was given a check to cover my loss. But when it came time to file my homeowner’s insurance claim, Allstate denied it completely. I had to fight them just to get back some of the money I paid every month. And I’m not giving up that easily – here’s why you shouldn’t give up either!

Why this matters

After the hail storm this spring, my husband and I had a lot of damage to our house. We needed a new roof quickly to prevent further damage as winter approaches. I contacted Allstate denied my roof claim and they just informed me that they are denying our insurance claim. They don’t care about the state of our home or all the effort we have put in since we purchased the house to make it livable and enjoyable.

I will continue to look for other insurance companies and see if one will offer me a policy with better coverage than Allstate. If no one else is willing to take responsibility for ensuring my family is safe, then we will go back to living on high ground with friends who do have coverage! It’s not fair that my kids should suffer because Allstate has bad customer service. The representatives barely even looked at the photos of our house before deciding to deny us. I’m going to find another company that cares enough about their customers to pay attention when they talk on the phone.

Don’t take no for an answer

It sounds like Allstate is trying to walk away with a few hundred bucks, just because they can. They’re not only denying your rights as a customer, but they’re adding insult to injury by telling you it’s because the weather changed. Don’t let them take advantage of you or shrug off your concerns. We’ve worked with people who have had this same problem before, and we’re willing to help you too. Let’s not let their manipulation tactics get the best of us! You deserve better than what they’re giving you. Give our office a call today so we can talk about the next steps in your case. Our staff will be happy to go over the details and answer any questions you may have. We want to make sure you know exactly what we’re talking about and how we plan on handling things from here on out. The first thing we need to do is file an appeal with Allstate, which should prove that your Allstate denied my roof claim. There are certain pieces of evidence that could show why they might have come to this conclusion: all these possible explanations would either fall under the unexpected clause, or they’d be something outside of the company’s control (like wind damage). But if Allstate really wants to play hardball and deny even those claims, then there are still more ways for us to fight back. For example: did you know you can sue for wrongful denial? If so, then maybe it’s time for them to see firsthand what happens when someone decides to stand up for themselves against an unscrupulous company like theirs.

Waiting for your insurance agent to return your call?

Have you been waiting for a call back from your insurance agent? If so, consider yourself lucky because they’re often swamped with inquiries. That’s why it’s important to be pro-active when it comes to repairing your property after a storm. And while the insurance company may not approve of repairs you’ve already made, don’t let this stop you from moving forward if at all possible. It might be more difficult than it sounds, but getting your home repaired as quickly as possible is key for safety reasons and peace of mind. After my own experience with Allstate denied my roof claim last year, I’m sure we can agree on one thing: nobody has time for paperwork headaches and drawn out processes. I can tell you firsthand that the quickest way to get a response from an insurance provider is by contacting them directly. That way, you’ll avoid any confusion about what’s covered under your policy or how much coverage you actually have in place.

I know this situation will eventually resolve itself (fingers crossed) but in the meantime, I am committed to doing whatever necessary to protect my family and ensure their safety remains intact until then.

If things don’t work out with Allstate then I will definitely pursue other options available in order to avoid putting myself or anyone else at risk during the interim period.

Review your policy carefully

I got a letter in the mail stating that Allstate denied my roof claim has reviewed and determined that they have no duty to pay for damages to my roof. They said it was caused by hail and not covered by the policy. But I’m not giving up! There’s a reason they didn’t respond with, Yes, we will be happy to replace your roof. I’m going through all of this again with them so it would help if you could sign this petition! It will show them how many people care about homeowners insurance and don’t want to see our roofs get ripped off while they collect their premium. If they know that there is enough of us out there who care, then maybe they’ll rethink their decision on whether or not roof damage is covered by insurance.

Use social media (you have nothing to lose!)

I was so mad. Of course they wanted me to provide documentation, something they knew I didn’t have. But then the doubt started creeping in: could the damage have actually been done by the hurricane?

I searched online for legal advice on all state denial and found this great website with helpful tips. The most helpful thing they did was push me to get an expert opinion on if the damage could have been caused by weather. Since it passed their examination, it was good enough for me!

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