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An Ultimate Guide to B2B Industrial marketing

by Ahsan Khan


Industrial marketing, also known as business-to-business marketing, is a type of electronic commerce, in which one business renders goods and services to another business. The selling and purchasing of industrial goods take place; an industrial good is something which is used for further production and finishing the product, the end material is extracted from the raw material. With globalization the traditional name for industrial marketing has been replaced with business-to-business marketing, the products are not sold directly to the customer, a business is a seller and a business is an acquirer. It consists of wholesalers and online retailers for buying and selling. They do not connect directly to the customers.

B2B is leading generation in finding out the ideal customers for their product and service and then converting them into buying their products. User engagement is carried out through social media campaigns and advertisements, which is considered one of the essential strategies to make business and carrying out expansion.

Features of B2B selling: –

  1. Access restrictions– The B2B form of business is more complex than B2C form of business. Because of various norms that come under business to business selling guide. For this the business company’s platform domain faces access restrictions, not allowing every buyer or the domain access. This is to be resolved through manipulating your business ecommerce handle to solve for different buyer experience.
  2. Focus on customer experience– The heavy focus is yielded on the user experience. Whenever brands look to create ecommerce websites the most important thing is the kind of experience users get when they get into your profile. In the new business model that we follow presently, they all work on customer satisfaction. The idea of just selling a product has now been shifted to match the utility of the user and serve them accordingly. Therefore, more and more business run towards better (UX/UI) interface.
  3. Customer specific price and catalogue– B2B business model is set up in a way with specification for price and catalogue that a user can set. These specifications are also known as filters, they are used to show the exact pricing of the product and type of product the customer is looking for and segmenting the customers for customized and personalized shopping experience. This I one of the ways to enhance user experience.
  4. Bulky purchases and discount– The B2B model is equipped with selling and purchasing bulky products such as industrial parts inputs, and manufacturing inputs it, such as raw material and equipment. The quantity discount is given on purchases on various quantities purchased. This is only when your domain gives access to accommodate quantity threshold that allows offering discounts on bulk purchases.

Importance of B2B

  1. Widening distribution span– B2B business marketing strategy enables business to reach every place. Now the businesses do not have to venture their business in different parts physically. The internet and virtual face marketing can take the business to every corner of the world. Due to this the prospectus growth of businesses has widened in the past few years. The introduction of virtual domain building is taking businesses to places.
  2. Decrease in cost of inputs– As the businesses spend much of their time understanding the requirements of customers. After knowing their customers list and requirements they carry out production accordingly, only those goods are produced for which the customer asks for, in this way the unnecessary cost on unrequited inputs is saved.
  3. Zero cost marketing techniques– With the improved internet and high-speed services, the marketing has jumped beyond just television and newspaper. The only requirement for internet marketing is to set up a brand domain and publish it with your happenings in and around business. Moreover, the advertisement could be shared on social media as well.
  4. Space for innovation– The internet has given businesses a space for innovation. Innovation about how to make the experience for users simple and friendly. Therefore, the business platform comes with online shopping, payment, online transactions and virtual chat with the product administrator. All this has eased the selling and purchasing process.
  5. Content marketing– Many businesses have seen immense growth in their business through content writing. Writing and publishing with creativity yielded better understanding of product and user experience. Moreover, they can provide better product and service knowledge through content marketing. Engaging business through prospectus knowledge and education approach is much better than pushing marketing for many business companies.
  6. Multi-channel approach– Engaging prospects through multi channels is becoming more and more important. You need to write content, publish it on websites on social media, and follow up via email, sending direct mail contacts and making sales calls is necessary, this suggests that your services are quick. By integrating all these channels, a business can witness the best results.
  7. Branding strategy– There are end number of B2B companies online and creating your own mark is challenging. In this regard keep your branding strategy high and focus on USPs. The only thing that acts as magnet is how and why your product is different from others and how in a way it is unique. Brand building is the longest way to walk though as it is not just a matter of day, so make sure the strategies are good enough to be implemented.


The B2B business is a new model of marketing which has had immense impact on customers. The profit earning strategy is reduced to virtual and not manual. The objective of B2B is to make other businesses familiar with your services and products and area of production and the value of your product and convert businesses into customers. Therefore, it is way more challenging to convince a business to invest in your products because businesses have analytics to know if the product is worthwhile or not. To present the products in the best possible way, the online domain and social platform play an important and significant role. As every business asks for higher reach and great user satisfaction.

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