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Ap Extender Setup

by Uneeb Khan

With the help of Ap.setup, you may log into your wifi-range extender via the Internet.. Make sure your internet router is functional after you’ve unboxed your device before we begin the ap.setup login. If this URL doesn’t work for you, try entering in the address bar; this will also take you to the setup page.Now let’s start the setup.

Ap Extender Setup via Web browser

  1. You may plug up your extender closer to the router in the same room or up to 10 feet away.
  2. Join the WiFi extender network now with your computer or phone.
  3. It displays “Wireless-N” for 2.4GHz and “Wireless-AC” for 5GHz.
  4. Go to your WiFi list and connect to one of the networks that you see there.
  5. As soon as you launch the browser after becoming connected, the ap setup procedure appears immediately.
  6. Open a browser and type ap.setup or in the address bar at the top of the page if the setup wizard doesn’t appear. You are sent to the extenders’ login page.
  7. Click the choice for the repeater setup you like on the setup screen..
  8. Once the online setup is complete, you may disconnect it and put it where you require internet access.

Note:- If you need any help regarding your wifi extender so contact our technician or visit the official website that is ap extender setup.

Ap setup with WPS button

  • The extender must be placed in the same room as the router for this setup; otherwise, it may take longer than intended to set up or the extender may not connect to the router at all.
  • Following that, locate the WPS button on the repeater, press it, and hold it for approximately 2 seconds. A flashing light will then appear on the button.
  • A WPS button on your router should be pressed. Log into your router to see whether WPS is deactivated. WPS may be enabled by going to the wifi settings and selecting WPS.
  • The WPS lights on the extender and router will both flash for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • The internet and WPS lights on the repeater turn solid after successful setup, and the WPS light on the router stops flashing.
  • Use ap.setup to install your router if it doesn’t support WPS.

Can’t log in to ap extender setup?

You can only visit the offline page ap.setup once you are connected to your extender, router, or ap device. Therefore, connecting to the network and then accessing the login page is what you need to do regardless of whether you have a repeater, router, outdoor access point, etc.

To accomplish this, open your phone’s or computer’s wifi list and connect to the WiFi network name of the specific device you wish to expand. Once connected, launch a browser on the same device, and then put ap.setup or one of the preset IP addresses, such as,, or, in the address bar.Follow these troubleshooting steps if you are still unable to log into the AP setup page:

Troubleshooting Steps for ap.setup

  1. Make sure you specify ap.setup rather than just ap.setup when trying to log into the setup page.
  2. Try upgrading or changing the browser.
  3. Make sure you are connected to the device WiFi network name (“Wireless-N,” “Wireless-AC,” “Wavlink,” “MSRM,” “Victony”) before entering the setup.
  4. If you are unable to reach the ap setup page, reset the device.
  5. You may also attempt the WPS setup rather than the web browser setup by pressing the WPS button on the router and pressing the WPS button on the device you wish to extend within 2 minutes.
  6. Try the setup URL again after disconnecting the extender or the device you are setting up for around 60 seconds.

Wavlink AC1200 extender setup with ap.setup

Using ap.setup, we can setup the wavlink extender by following the instructions below. Wavlink offers a variety of models that may be set using a browser. Popular models include the ARIEAL G AC1200, AC1200 WL-WN579X3, AC600, AC1200, Wavlink AC2100, and AC1200. Let’s begin the procedure:

  • Connect your device to the outlet closest to your router first, then wait for the power LED to stabilise. We may begin the configuration when the gadget is stable.
  • Now flip the repeater’s switch to the “repeater mode.”
  • Go to the WiFi list with your laptop, phone, or other device in hand.There, the network name is shown as “wireless-AC,” “wireless-N,” or plain “Wavlink Extender.”As it is an open network, you may connect to it without first needing a password.
  • Now open any modern browser, such as Google, Safari, or Firefox, and put ap.setup or wifi.wavlink.com into the address bar or URL. Depending on the model number of your wavlink repeater, you can try these setup urls. 
  • Once you’ve been sent there, type “admin” or your username and password into the login box. It should be typed in lowercase.It needs to be written in lowercase.
  • You must choose the network you wish to expand, enter its password, then click the next button on the setup screen.
  • The expanded network will appear in the WiFi list as (SSID EXT) once your device starts as a result of following the on-screen instructions.

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