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Are There More Followers On Instagram Than Real People?

by Uneeb Khan
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Instagram has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, with people loving the platform’s ability to share experiences and show off their best aesthetic. However, Instagram is not without its problems – it often becomes cluttered with posts from bots and celebrities that seem to have more Buy Instagram Followers Australia than real people. One of the most popular topics for discussion about Instagram is followers – do they exist?

Are there more Buy Instagram Followers Australia than real people?

There are an estimated 300 million active Instagram users, meaning that there are roughly three times as many followers on Instagram as there are living people. However, this doesn’t mean that all those followers are real people – many of them may be fake accounts set up by businesses or individuals to increase their popularity.

Instagram has been known to give preference to popular accounts, so if you need to be more popular to rank in the top positions for searches or if your Buy Instagram Followers Australia count is low compared to other accounts, you might not be getting the attention you deserve. Additionally, many users post only sporadically, meaning their follower counts can decline even though their followers may remain the same.

Overall, it’s difficult to determine how many real followers a user has on Instagram because it’s sometimes unclear who’s following them and how engaged they are with their posts. However, if you want to ensure your account is doing well, focus on posting quality content and promoting yourself actively – these things will likely be more effective than increasing your follower count.

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What do we mean by

Instagram users post more than 140 million photos daily and have an audience of over 800 million followers, but is all that engagement real? A new study from Slice Intelligence has found that the vast majority of buy Instagram followers are fake. Only about 22 percent of all Instagram followers are real people.

The study analyzed millions of posts to determine which demographics are most active on Instagram. They found that age is not a factor in determining whether or not a post is liked. Gender, however, does appear to play a role. Posts from women tend to be liked more than those from men. And posts from businesses tend to be liked more than those from personal accounts.

Despite the widespread belief that Instagram is full of active and engaged followers, the study’s findings suggest that this isn’t always the case.

How many Instagram accounts are there?

Instagram has over 400 million active users, meaning many Instagram accounts are out there. With so many accounts, it can take time to determine which ones are worth following. But are there more followers on Instagram than real people?

To answer this question, we looked at the number of Buy Instagram Followers Australia each account had compared to the number of actual people in the US. We found that the average Instagram account has about twice as many followers as the average person in the US. If you want a successful Instagram account, ensure you focus on targeting a user base interested in what you have to say.

How many people follow Instagram profiles?

The reason for this discrepancy may come down to demographics. While Twitter is dominated by men aged 18-34, and Facebook is mainly for people over 35, Instagram has a more even split between males/and females of all ages. Additionally, while both social media platforms are popular among those living in developed countries such as the United States and Canada, Instagram garners a larger following from developing countries – especially Brazil and Mexico.

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Considering these factors and the Buy Instagram Followers Australia platform is designed specifically for sharing photos and videos rather than text or posts, it’s no wonder it has more active users than its two main competitors.


While it’s undeniable that Instagram has become an immensely popular social media platform, there is some debate as to whether a user’s number of Buy Instagram Followers Australia translates into real people. After all, if someone only follows ten people and none of those ten follows back, does that person have 1000 followers? The answer to that question is a little murky, but it’s something to consider when planning your marketing strategy on Instagram.

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