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Attraction Branding on Instagram

by Uneeb Khan

Are you scrolling through the FB and seeing the lovely pair of red heels? Or does watching the dress up with time videos on YouTube make you crave to have one for yourself? How can you forge the Instagram stories that fashion bloggers hares with you?

You want the exact pair of sunglasses for your spring season. Sometimes you end up buying the item you are never going to buy if not inspired by the fashion blogger on social media. So, attraction branding is the phenomenon that engages UK Instagram followers and makes them buy your products. If you’re not clear about it, then keep reading.

So, let us think, you are seeing the story of the influences about relaxation and insomnia. Before you get a grip on it, you placed the order of melatonin, 200$ ceramic diffuser and hand massager. It is attraction marketing.

Now, are you getting my point? Attraction branding aims to convince users that they need these products.

Unveil the Attraction Marketing?

Whenever you see any brand advocator or the influencer share their

  •  reviews on Instagram
  • upload the photos of the product
  • release their makeup tutorial featuring some brands

You are looking at attraction branding. If you like to turn your Instagram feed into some reaction magnet, you need to learn how attraction branding works with your marketing plan and bring UK Instagram followers to you. It also guides you to get customers, leads, sales and clients.

Attraction Marketing in detail

It is about creating your product, services, product and brands as engaging as possible to the target people. This attractiveness must be robust that it will make your businesses shine among others and bring revenues.

With this kind of branding, you are not telling but showing. Rather than raving on regarding the item that can bring change in someone’s life, businesses are showing them using:

  • blogs
  • memes
  • testimonials
  • videos
  • content
  • more

Can you use attraction branding on Instagram?

Indeed you can use this kind of marketing on any social media platform and other channels. It is best to use on Instagram because of the feature of this photo-sharing application. It makes the users express their thoughts in perfect manners. The features like the following do wonders when you discuss attraction branding:

  • stories
  • reels
  • photos before and after
  • live videos
  • IGTV

Whether you are looking for UGC, launching market campaigning on Instagram, collaborating with trusted names, attraction marketing is about harnessing the strength of word of mouth and storyteller.

How to Use Attraction Branding?

So, now you get an idea about attraction branding and why is it necessary. It is to engage Gen z and boost your sale. The thing is how to use it as a key element of the social media branding plan.

Understand your Audience

Before doing anything, you must think of your audience patiently. Because if you didn’t target the audience you want, all things would be in vain. Simply by sharing emails or using a Poll sticker in your stories. By doing this, you are not interacting with your audience but also researching them.

You can also define your brand to customers. From this, if someone is interested, they will come to you. In this generation, it’s a risky move to play. Nowadays, customers are new authors. If the thing is not according to them, it is useless.

Strengthen Instagram Branding Plan

Remember, the success of any business, whether small or big, rely on the branding plan. Indeed it is easy to make a profile on Instagram and upload lovely photos. You or your dog can do this! But what you require is the powerful, potent braiding plan that generates sales.

Once you have your audiences, the next thing is to study the social media platform for branding. For example, Instagram is all about visuals. Your brand schemes must cover:

  • High-impact photos or stills
  • Top-quality videos

IG reels and stories that add engaging and interactive infographics

Upload Quality Content

This is also an important part of planning. It should be because if your product is not shown properly or people can’t understand it. It is useless to your UK Instagram followers. If you are making any content for your post, remember that your main goal is to attract an audience, not lose them. Try to post at least 1-2 content per day. So, your followers had fresh content to view with a fresh day.

For this, you don’t need any polished budget. You can use different tactics. One of them is to share raw footage of your content or product, how it is made or how your brand provides service. This could be enough to keep engaging with your community. Or you can use collab with influencers. This is one of the most effective ways of marketing on Instagram because these influencers have control over their engagement and followers.

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