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Autel Maxicom Mk808 Review

by Yasir Asif
Autel Maxicom Mk808 Review

Autel Maxicom Mk808 is a very popular and well-priced diagnostic scanner that has everything you need to perform a wide range of functions. It’s also very easy to use and a great addition to any mechanic’s toolbox.

It supports 4 methods for vehicle identification and offers one year of free updates. It’s also compatible with 99% of vehicles.

1. Easy to use

Autel maxicom mk808 is an easy-to-use automotive diagnostic tool with a 7-inch LCD touch screen that displays at 1024×600 quality. Installed with a fast quad-core processor, it offers maximum convenience and quick diagnosis through the intuitive user interface.

It works on most 1996 US-based, 2000 EU-based and newer vehicles to do full systems diagnoses including reading/clearing codes and viewing live data. This makes it a great investment for the professional mechanic or DIY enthusiast who spends a lot of time working on cars.

A large screen makes it easier to see codes and graphs. It also takes less time to recharge compared to other OBD2 scanners.

The device also has a shop manager and data manager that allow you to store workshop information, customer records and test vehicle history files. If you are a mechanic shop owner, this will make your work much more efficient by keeping everything organized.

Mk808 also has a multilingual function, allowing you to display your functions in the language of your choice. This allows you to use the Autel Maxicom mk808 in a way that best suits your needs.

2. Easy to store

The Autel Maxicom Mk808 is an easy to use and store diagnostic scanner, perfect for car enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is lightweight and portable, allowing you to keep it in your toolbox, backpack or glove compartment without it taking up too much space.

With auto VIN technology, the Mk808 can read vehicle information and display it on its 7-inch touchscreen screen. This includes the manufacturer, year, model, body type, engine code and assembly location.

This means you don’t have to enter these details manually, a big time saver for any mechanic. The Mk808 also supports multilingual data support, so you can operate it in your preferred language.

The Maxicom Mk808 is a versatile scan tool that works with all domestic, Asian and European brands. It can perform oil reset and read DPF/EPB/SAS codes, making it an ideal tool for any professional mechanic.

3. One year of updates

Autel Maxicom mk808 is a modern tablet diagnostic tool, based on the Android operating system. It consists of MD802 and Mexicheck pro, and its advantages not only lie in the comprehensive functions including Full systems diagnoses, all OBD2 functions, various reset features (Oil reset, EPB/SAS/BMS/TPMS/DPF reset), but also its excellent performance in advanced hardware, faster and more accurate diagnosis.

It is highly compatible with newest cars and supports manufacturer specific codes from domestic, Asian and European brands. It has a seven-inch touchscreen for scanning all modules and aids in performing a wide range of maintenance services.

With auto VIN tech, the scaner can read vehicle information such as year, model, body type, engine code and assembly location in a few seconds to save time for mechanics. It also offers in-time one-click software updates.

It also has workshop manager, data management and remote assistance functions. These 3 applications can manage workshop information, customer information records and test vehicle history records intuitively. You can also store, review and print the saved files.

4. Supports multiple languages

Autel maxicom mk808 is a highly advanced diagnostic tool that can be used by both professional mechanics and DIYers. The scanner has an Android interface that makes it easy to use and a large screen that allows for easier reading of codes and graphs.

It also supports multiple languages, making it easier to use for people from all around the world. The default language is English, but it also supports German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French and Italian.

The device can also support the Auto VIN technology which will enable you to easily read the make, model and year of manufacture of your vehicle. This will save you time and ensure you have the right information when diagnosing your car.

The device can also be connected to different adapters, which will allow it to work with non-OBD2 vehicles. It is compatible with most vehicles that have an OBD2 port, including Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Jeep, Toyota, Dodge, GM, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW.

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