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Bay Exchange Review – Doing the Right Things to be the Right Platform

by Uneeb Khan

Just like you don’t want to slack off in your trading career to avoid incurring losses on your trades, online trading platforms have a few standards to meet as well. When they don’t meet these standards, I don’t think they stand the chance of competing with hundreds of other and better alternatives. An online trading services provider that I think has stood the test of time and always offered the best to its traders is Bay Exchange. I am going to tell you much more about it and how it’s the right platform in this Bay Exchange review.

Very Rich Trading Account Features

It is no surprise to see many types of trading accounts available for traders. That’s something I see just about all the online brokers doing these days. However, what makes this particular company different from others is that it makes all of its tradings accounts rich with some amazing features. So, firstly, if you are interested in trading forex currency pairs, you are surely going to love this platform for offering you the leverage of 1:100 just with the basic account. This leverage can go as high as 1:300 with other accounts. The leverages are as high as 1:5 on other asset classes. The good news is that you can trade crypto, forex, stocks, indices, and commodities with any account type.

Another thing that really impressed me about this company is that you get an account manager to help you with your trading direction. I have seen that most other companies, offer you this feature only if you go with one of the highly advanced account types with a higher initial deposit. With this one, you just sign up with the most basic account and get access to an account manager.

No-download Trading Platform

Expect the best from the best. I think those words really fit this company because it offers you a trading platform that is second to none in terms of its features. Firstly, Bay Exchange provides you with a trading platform that you won’t even have to download. You use it just like you use a website. You land on the website and start trading. This particular trading platform will be the same no matter which device you are using, which operating system you have on the device, or which part of the world you are in while using it. The interface is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to learn it within minutes.

All the trading tools that would bring value to your trades are there on the platform already. Do you want to see the latest prices of the assets in the market? The charts are there for you. Do you want to see the volume of trading of a particular asset? The chart is there. Do you want to know your potential profits on a trade? All these and many other tools are there for you to use for free.

Compliance and Safety

If there is one thing I can tell you about online trading is that a platform that’s compliant is also a platform that’s safe for trading. Compliance means that the platform follows all the necessary industry policies and standards. For example, when you look at Bay Exchange, you will realize that it adheres to the KYC and AML policies, requiring you to give your personal details in a particular order and fashion to meet those requirements. Furthermore, it protects your information through encryption, uses regulated banks for the storage of your funds, and has 2FA authentication in place.

Final Thoughts

I am sure you know why I said that this platform is doing the right things. It has focused on the most important aspects of trading and gives traders a platform where they can trade without too many restrictions. I believe you might want to know about the platform and surely you can when you visit the website.

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