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Are You A Beard Oil Producer Looking for Secure Beard Oil Boxes Wholesale Packaging?

by Uneeb Khan

Fragile beard oil bottles are more vulnerable to outside threats. Our cardboard, kraft, and white kraft material boxes protect fragile beard oil bottles. Throughout the manufacturing process, we use only pure wood fiber material. Cardboard is an excellent material for creating durable and environmentally friendly packaging. Durable packaging not only ensures online dispatching security but also raises your standard. Cheap material packaging, on the other hand, exposes the items to heat, moisture, and contamination.

Custom beard oil box packaging style:

Custom beard oil boxes are typically packed in tuck-front or reverse tuck-in box styles. You can choose between 1,2,3 bottom styles for heavy-weight oil bottles. To add value, personalize these boxes with die-cut

Custom bundle beard oil boxes for online business:

Because of the popularity of online shopping, almost every industry has a presence on social media. They are adopting some new strategies for selling bundles of skin or hair care products. Wholesale beard oil boxes are available from iCustomBoxes at a low cost. Here are some examples of bundle box designs.

  1. Tuck front box style with magnetic closure
  2. Two-piece box style with ribbon bows
  3. Sleeve and tray box style with die-cut window

Aqueous coating and matte/gloss lamination:

With lamination and coating, you can improve the quality of your custom beard oil boxes. Use gloss lamination to give the box design a lustrous finish or increase the color vibrancy. Do matte lamination if you like excellent velvety surfaces. It also balances the darker shade contrast. However, the matte and gloss laminated custom boxes are not recyclable. One liquid-based aqueous coating can be recycled with eco-friendly material.

Key points:

  • Water-based
  • Dries quickly
  • Economical
  • Gives Gloss finish
  • Nature free
  • Highly protective
  • Gives scratch-free surface

Gain people’s trust with detailed descriptions:

Beard oil is popular nowadays, but many people still need to learn about its benefits. For beard maintenance, they prefer gel and regular hair oil. It can be beneficial if you prescribe the specifics and advantages of custom beard oil packaging. More specifically, mention the ingredients list, the expiry date of manufacturing, or the application methods for the customer’s facility. We customize all day in readable fonts and eye-catching colors so buyers can enjoy reading.

Latest printing method for great prints:

With immoral printing machines, awe-inspiring prints are impossible. To grow our business, we believe in scaling up over time. As a result, we are one step ahead of the other packaging solutions. We use the most versatile printing method for versatile printing and quick turnaround. The packaging industry has a high demand for offset and digital printing machines. The table will help you understand the distinction.

Off-set printing method

Digital printing method

produced on a printing press

uses electrostatic rollers called drums

It uses aluminum printing plates and wet ink

applies toner and color directly onto the media

It takes a long run to proceed with the order.

It takes a short run to proceed with the order due
to the elimination of the printing press.

Cost-effective long-run printing

Cost-effective short-run printing

Note: We have an old but convenient off-screening printing method too.

Present your custom beard oil in premium with alluring enhancements:

After you’ve finished printing and styling your custom beard oil boxes, add a versatile finishing touch. You can emboss and deboss printed images, texts, and designs. And add glitz with hot stamp foiling. As a result, designs and color prints turns more vivid and sparkling. Keep custom cardboard or foam inserts inside the custom beard oil box if you deliver more than one beard oil bottle in a custom bundle box. Otherwise, the fragile bottles may break due to pressure and striking during shipment. Custom cardboard and foam inserts are available.

Custom Foam inserts options:

  • Polyurethane (PU) Foam Insert
  • Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) Foam Insert
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam Insert
  • Electrostatic Discharge Foam (ESD)
  • Egg Crate Foam (Convoluted)
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Foam with Flocking (EVA)

Get free 2d or 3d physical design samples:

Customer contentment is our priority. We want to satisfy you in all possible ways. That’s why we provide free 3d or 2d illustrations with zero shipment cost. So, you can scrutinize what you are getting from us. If you feel anything is non-convenient or unpresentable, inform us. We can update it before proceeding with the printing process. After your confirmation, we are not responsible.

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