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Best Car Insurance Plans in India in the Year 2022

by Uneeb Khan
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Having car insurance has become a necessity in today’s unpredictable world scenario. With the rising cost of damage repair and medical treatments, proficient motor insurance will act as an effective financial aid in times of need. Also, with the popularity of digitalisation, getting motor insurance has become easier than ever. You can simply apply for comprehensive or third-party car insurance online and get it approved within days. The majority of the leading motor insurance providers offer the option of getting your car insurance online. 

To help you streamline your purchase, here are the best car insurance online plans in India that you can buy in 2022. 

Bajaj Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance 

This plan by Bajaj Allianz is a comprehensive plan and can prove to be a life saver in case your car meets with an accident. The insurance plan covers the self-incurred damage as well as the damage done to the third-party person and vehicle.

This amazing car insurance brings to the customers a network of 1024 garages that are known for their acclaimed cashless services. The premium for this policy starts from Rs. 2,868. It is quite an affordable plan, and you can easily have a cover to protect you from any vehicle-related financial loss in the future. 

Spot claims up to Rs. 30,000 are also available here as an inclusion of the plan. You can avail of the repair services in the cashless garages. Getting this insurance is also effortless. You can simply apply for car insurance online and get it done. 

Bajaj Allianz third-party car insurance 

If you are looking for affordable yet effective car insurance online, you can consider this third-party insurance plan. It offers you cashless garage services at the 1024 garages linked with them. But this plan covers the damage of the third parties only. 

You also get the advantage of saving better on the premium that starts from just Rs. 2,094. Damage to the third-party person and their vehicle is taken care of by the plan. If you want to buy third-party car insurance online, check this plan out. It is quite well rewarding. 

New India Car Insurance: 

New India car insurance provides a comprehensive type of insurance that can help you protect yourself and your car from accidents or any monetary losses. The premium of this policy commences from Rs. 2,727. You can easily get this car insurance online. 

New India Insurance offers the best plan for you to choose, so that you have something to fall back on, in times of need. There are over 253 garages that offer cashless services whenever you need them. Among the best options of car insurance online, it is one of the best you can avail of.

National Car Insurance: 

National Insurance gives you the best plans to choose from, and the ones that suit your requirements. This national car insurance online really proves to be helpful in times of need. The premium starts from Rs. 2,757. 

The fast claim proceeding serves to be useful if your car meets with an accident. There are over 268 garages all over India that are linked with the National car insurance to provide customers with cashless services. The reimbursement period of the non-cashless policies is generally 7 days. You can put your trust in them and get yourself a plan that can help you get a cover for your car.

They also have third party motor insurance in case you are looking for an affordable option. You can head to their website and sign up for third party car insurance online within minutes. 

Digit comprehensive car insurance: 

Digit is one of the other popular brands in the field of insurance providers. This comprehensive plan offered by Digit is one of the best and has its premium starting from Rs. 2,962. It offers a six-months warranty on the repairing of your insured car. 

Along with this, one of the major features of this plan is that it provides you with cashless repair service in any garage you like. You also get the advantage of an advanced claim payment. This plan also includes a free pick up and drop off of your vehicle. You can also easily get this car insurance online. 

Digit Third party car insurance: 

This insurance plan by Digit is one of the best third-party insurance online plans that offer the most features available in the market. It is third-party insurance that covers the expenses of the liabilities or damage caused to the third party. The premium starts from Rs. 2,094 and is quite economical. 

The cashless garage services can be availed of by you at any garage. This plan includes the coverage of the damage caused to the third-party person and vehicle both. By heading to the digit website, you can get this car insurance online. 

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