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best chicken steak in Islamabad

by Uneeb Khan

With the winter shedding its clothes and the enthralling spring peeking through, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take advantage of the weather’s tranquility and let it drop while you sulk at home. Birds chirping and joyful flowers swaying in the breeze should be accompanied by a savory steak in a quaint restaurant. We’ve produced a list of the greatest steakhouses in Lahore and the Twin Cities for you. So, secure your table now through Giramondo and have the experience of your life! You can also find the best desi food restaurants in Lahore by following link.


This retro-themed restaurant is well-known for its searing steaks and is regarded as one of the best in Lahore. Freddy’s Café delivers a selection of chargrilled steaks with specialty sauces and spices. Freddy’s Cafe serves a variety of steaks, including Pepper Steak, Freddy’s Steak, Mexican Steak, Butterfly Beef Steak, Rolled Beef Steak, and Jalapeno Mushroom Steak. The restaurant has excellent evaluations, so the next time your taste buds crave a steak, you know where to go!


A few restaurants adhere to the concept of combining modernity with tradition not just via their food and ambiance, but also through the general environment that they preserve. X2 serves a variety of dishes, but their original beef steak is one of their strongest suits and distinguishes them. Their frizzling beef steak, which is always freshly prepared, is sure to delight your taste senses.

Arcadian Restaurant

Arcadian Cafe, one of Lahore’s best restaurants, is recognized for its broad menu and joyful atmosphere. If you’re looking for a sizzling steak, Arcadian Café is the place to go. Their well-cooked Chicken Steak covered with Mushroom Sauce and served with steaming mashed potatoes is a delicious treat. The restaurant also specializes in perfectly cooked and tender beef steaks.



Ox & Grill, one of the top steakhouses in the Twin Cities and a foodie’s paradise, should be on your list. Their perfectly cooked to temperature steaks, freshly grilled, and exceptionally tender can whet your appetite in seconds. Some of their favorites include Hawaiian Chicken Steak, Ox Special Steak, Pepper Steak, and Herb Steak.


Texas Steak House is a lovely restaurant and one of Rawalpindi’s most popular. This cowboy-themed restaurant is well-known for its exquisiteness and the high quality of its steaks. Rightly cooked, ripe, firm, and luscious are just a few adjectives that describe the true taste that they serve. Mexican Beef Steakhouses, Marshall Steak, and Italian Steak are just a few of their delectable steaks.


American Steak House has created a name for itself by offering its customers the greatest steaks in town. The homey and warm ambiance is enough to take your mind off your concerns while you savor their magnificent steak. Among a variety of steaks such as Grilled Steak bathed in luscious sauce and the famed Hunter Steak, their Pepper Steak accompanied with grilled vegetables should not be missed.

So, if you ever have the opportunity to visit any of these locations, please share your experience with us. We’d love to find out!

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