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Best Fibre Company: Derive Fiber Net Connectivity Advantages

by Uneeb Khan

IT companies, businesses, and landlords across South Africa are now considering installing a fiber-optic net. This new technology is still a mystery for many who are interested to know more about it. When compared to copper cable-based net connectivity, fiber-optic connectivity is indeed the latest technology to be introduced in the market. It does promise users higher ROI.

Why Fiber optic connectivity?

Businesses of all sizes and domains may contact the best fiber provider south Africa to avail of fiber optic connectivity. Doing so can help enhance their work quality and productivity. Organizations using the cloud for data storage r apps can benefit immensely by adopting this technology. Fibers mixed with VoIP telephony can be termed to be a powerful combination, especially for business communications.

What is desired?

Not every business will require similar net connectivity features. Hence, you need to understand what your particular business requires from the leading network providers. This way, you can ensure that your employees remain productive with maximum uptime and high speeds. The provider selected should offer quick resolutions to problems faced. They should also be reliable at all times and be cooperative.

Benefits offered by fiber net connectivity

  • Cloud Access: Ranging from data storage to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, the cloud is a vital tool for hosting, apps, etc. Approximately, 96% of organizations have started to use the cloud in some way or the other. Fiber net bandwidth and speed offer faster application and data access in the cloud.
  • No more delays: When accessing cloud-hosted information through various platforms including SaaS (software-as-a-service), fewer delays will occur. This means customer sales reps and sales reps will not face major delays while trying to communicate with customers or prospects.
  • Speed: When compared to copper net high-speed connections, the fiber-optic net is several times faster. It may range between 5 Mbps – and 100 Gbps. When there is a high demand to access the net, the internet should not slow down, but offer constant speed.
  • Signal Strength: Traditional broadband net uses Ethernet or DSL over Copper. As the user tries to move at a distance from the switch, the signal starts to degrade. However, the fiber-optic net’s signal strength offered by the best fiber company does not degrade. Businesses with large spaces are likely to benefit from enhanced signal strength.
  • Reliability: With fiber net connectivity, significant reliability benefits can be enjoyed when compared to copper net connectivity. The reason is that fiber is considered to be much stronger when compared to copper. Inclement weather may stall or damage data transmission through copper cabling, something fiber-optic net users do not have to worry about.
  • Symmetric Speed: This term refers to equal download/upload times. Employees provided with a fiber internet connection can enjoy equal upload/download times. Will symmetric speed be essential? Although for business operations it is not vital, it can prove to be beneficial. It allows users to undertake heavy upload/download demands simultaneously through their data connection.
  • Bandwidth: There are many businesses that do require a high-speed net for data transmission. The cable net bandwidth may come with a cap that might be hit very soon due to large consumption. Although fiber-optic net meant for business cannot be termed to be really unlimited, the bandwidth offered is quite higher.
  • Security: Information thieves and hackers tend to get access easily to crucial business data through the cable net. For this, they use simple methodologies or cable tapping. Cutting fibers physically will be necessary to access the fiber-optic net. Doing so will only terminate the signal. Hence, the latter is secured and safe.
  • Latency: This term used describes unwanted delays occurring when processing data over the network connection. Most latency-related issues faced by experience while using cable net are eliminated by the fiber-optic net. This is mostly noticed when uploading/downloading high-definition or video content. Lowering latency helps in better VoIP voice quality, moving apps to the cloud, huge file upload/download, etc.

The wise choice made

The truth is fiber optic net does offer a variety of benefits for businesses of all types and sizes. Although initial installation cost might be a bit high, increased gains and productivity does allow businesses to achieve higher ROI. But then, you need to research properly and choose something based on your needs.

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