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The Best VAT Consultants In The UAE At Your Service

The indirect tax system – Value Added Tax (VAT) – in the UAE and Saudi Arabia came into force on 1 January 2018. Implementation in other GCC member states is delayed. Qatar and Bahrain introduced the system on 1 January, while Kuwait postponed it until 2022. The introduction of VAT was an incentive for Dubai VAT advisors to raise awareness of the implementation process and Bestaxca and Partners, the UAE VAT advisory group, has helped many clients implement VAT and has remained committed to date.

Under the VAT system, 5% of the price of goods and services is taxed at each stage of the supply chain; some goods and services are subject to 0% VAT and others are fully exempt. Your industry is therefore divided into three categories in the VAT system: industries subject to 5% VAT, industries subject to 0% VAT, and industries exempt from Best Vat Consultants In Dubai.

Bestaxca & Partners has worked with a variety of sectors. We aim to provide a VAT compliance model tailored to your industry and our UAE tax consultants can calculate the impact of introducing VAT on your business by examining historical profits, maximum retail price and consumer demographics and comparing them to current characteristics.

UAE VAT Consultants

Using the in-depth approach outlined above, you can develop a plan that will ensure your profits are the same as when VAT was not payable. How does NR Doshi & Partners achieve this? We achieve this by ensuring compliance with current UAE rules and regulations and adapting to the latest changes.

As one of the most recognized VAT advisors in the UAE, we ensure that consumers do not have to face the unpleasant consequences of the VAT law. This element is very important as incorrect implementation can affect customers; VAT was introduced to increase government revenue.

Given the constant fluctuations in oil prices, the UAE plans to reduce its dependence on oil companies. This new measure will reduce the share of revenues of the oil companies, but the quality of public services will remain unchanged.

In addition, the annual revenues of the companies will be used as a criterion for registration. VAT registration is compulsory if the company’s annual revenue exceeds AED 375 000; registration under the UAE VAT Law is optional if the revenue is between AED 187 5000 and AED 375 000.

In addition, if the revenue is less than AED 187 500, registration under the law is not required.

UAE VAT consultants

Trust Your VAT Registration To Our Experts.

Our VAT registration services in Dubai are easily accessible with our VAT registration consultants NR Doshi & Partners is an experienced team that has helped many businesses implement VAT As VAT consultants in UAE, we know the benefits of VAT implementation to recommend a viable tax plan for your business.

We can help you prepare all the documents required for VAT registration.

The required documents must be submitted to the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

Goods and services processed in your business must be declared.

Turnover must be declared.

The UAE’s experienced tax advisors will ensure a smooth registration in consultation with the GCC authorities.

Note: Exemption from UAE VAT registration is also available to companies with a reduced turnover up to AED 187 500, which is the threshold for voluntary registration.

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