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Best Washing Machines Models of 2022 in India

by Uneeb Khan

If you are planning to buy a washing machine for your home, then make sure you invest in the best brands that are available in India. Getting the latest washing machine from acclaimed brands will ensure the performance and longevity of the product you are intending to buy. There are numerous first-class brands like LG, Samsung IFB and Haier washing machines in India that you can purchase. If you cannot afford to pay the hefty amount in a single go, you can prudently opt for purchasing the IFB washing machine on EMI which will reduce your financial burden considerably. 

Here are some of the best washing machine models of 2022 in India, that you can consider buying!

  1. IFB Washing Machine 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading. 

IFB washing machine consists of 3D wash technology that soaks clothes completely with dissolve detergent and performs deep cleaning through a triadic pulsator cleaning engine and Biaxial rotation to clean clothes. Additionally, smarts sensors weigh the load of clothes and determine the required water and detergent. Furthermore, child lock prevents misshapen in your house. Moreover, you can purchase some of the best IFB washing machine on EMI from Bajaj Mall at zero down payment.

  1. Haier washing machine Semi-Automatic 8.2 kg (HTW82-178BK) 

The Haier washing machine comes with a shockproof window, and lid protection to give you safety during washing clothes, and Anti rat Mesh safeguards units from damage. Furthermore, 4D inbuilt magic filters provide hygienic wash every time and remove dirt on clothes easily, so you do not have to worry about hygienic clothes. Additionally, the castors’ wheels make it simple to clean and repair the sorting basket underneath. The price of a Haier washing machine Is under Rs 15,000.

  1. Samsung fully automatic 6.5 Kg load machine (WA65M4205HV) 

Samsung has a Centre Jet Technology design to determine the clothes that settle on the pulsator to prevent clothes from getting entangled and wash your clothes effectively. Additionally, the Eco tub cleans your machine without any harsh chemicals. Furthermore, it consists of features like a quick wash, child lock, magic filters, and tempered glass doors that deal with pressure and resistance to scratches and damages. The price of the Samsung machine is under Rs 15,000.

  1. Whirlpool 6kg washing machine fully automatic (WM Royal 6 Genx Grey 5YMW)

Whirlpool washing machines have zero pressure fill technology to fill water faster and auto tub clean wash the inner walls of the washtub. Additionally, the delay wash feature allows you to set the time for laundry as per your convenience. Furthermore, 12 wash programs allow you to wash different fabrics well without any damage to your clothes. The price of the machine is under Rs 15,000.

  1. Haier Washing Machine 6.5 5 Star Fully Automatic (HWM65-707BKNZP)

Haier washing machine consists of double magic filters that help remove the lint produced in the clothes, and a deep clean pulsator easily cleans heavy clothes. Furthermore, you can choose the desired wash cycle out of 8 wash programs. As well as wash your clothes with low water pressure effectively. Additionally, Jet stream technology allows the water to come out from above or below. The Haier washing machine price is under Rs 15,000.

  1. IFB washing machine 5 stars 6.5 kg load with fully automatic machine 

3D wash technology is available in the IFB washing machine that has a system where water jets and showers from paddle completely soaked water and easily detergent dissolve. Additionally, soft scrub pads remove the dirt, and powerful swirl jets remove dirt from every corner of the fabric. Furthermore, it consists of express wash, high-voltage low protection, and a smart sense to save water and detergent with adjusted settings. You can buy the best IFB washing machine on EMI at an affordable price. 

  1. Panasonic 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

This washing machine from Panasonic has made it into many households in India. This is because it is one of the best washing machines in recent memory because to its effective and stylish design as well as its potent functioning. The various wash programmes are designed to get rid of even the hardest stains from your garments while the washing process is quick and clever. You may simply complete all types of washing with a single click on the completely automatic and touch-enabled control panel. The motor has a 10-year warranty and has Panasonic’s unique Sazanami drum technology. For a home of three people, this 7 kilogramme top-load washing machine is perfect.
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