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Blackboard dcccd: Get ECampus Login Access (Updated 2022)

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Blackboard dcccd

With the great revolution in the digital world, people are facilitated in many ways. As technology got a revolution in many fields of life business and health to many more. Technology has brought a great revolution in education as well. In this modern age, people can get higher education in their homes on their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. There are many institutes that offer higher online education. Here we discuss one of them which is blackboard dcccd.

About DCCCd

The term “DCCCD” refers to “Dallas County community college district (Texas). The dcccd is one of the finest institutes in the USA working for more than 50 years the Dallas County colleges offer affordable, quality education for many years.

Since 1965 the Dallas institutes ensure the quality of education to encourage the new generation. As today many institutes offer an online platform for their students and it is also the requirement of this world so these institutes also started the platform “blackboard dcccd” which is an online educational platform for the students.

What is Blackboard dcccd?

Blackboard dcccd is the online website for students and for the teacher or faculty as well. From DCCCD the student can pay their fee, access the assignment, and study material, and communicate with teachers to apply for a degree and certificate. These are the key factors of this website. it is also used for face-to-face programs.

The faculty members also post their subject material whether it is in the form of text, audio, or video. They can also share the link to other course-related material. This website opens up many ways for applying to a college degree online. You can get a quality education once you get into the college.

Features of Blackboard dcccd:

As we know that this website is to facilitate the dcccd students. This website has many benefits or features.

  • It can be used to create surveys
  • To create blogs
  • It can be used for live and online meetings
  • To interact with the classmate.
  • Course management
  • Content management
  • It is used to access course material
  • Used to post assignments, quizzes, and the announcement of the upcoming changes in the syllabus.

Admission requirements in dcccd:

Every institute has some rules and regulations for the admission process. The rules or requirements of the dcccd are we discuss today.

First of all, we talk about the admission rate.

The admission rate of the dcccd is 61% which means from 100 applicants dcccd chooses the 61 applications for admission. You must need to fulfill the requirements of GPA and sat/act scores.

Required GPA

In Dallas, in order to get admission, you must have a 3.9 GPA in your previous class. That is quite hard for you. The students that have less GPA must need a higher score in sat (scholastic aptitude test) and act (American college testing). Different schools have required different tests some schools prefer sat and others prefer to act. For getting admission to Dallas, you must require to take one of them before the submission of the application.


If you are going to take admission for the first time then you must follow some standards:

  • You must have graduated from an unaccredited high school and be 18 years of age or older.
  • You have done a baccalaureate diploma
  • You have done general education diploma.

If you cannot fulfill the above requirements then you must have the following steps to be done.

  • You must have the written recommendation of the high school you attended.
  • Meet with the management for individual approval.

If you are under 18 years or 16 years old and have not graduated from an accredited school or you are a student of homeschooling then you should follow the following steps.

  • You must have the recommendation letter of the last school superintendent or principal.
  • Must have a record of task completion that you have done in the previous school.
  • Agree to the limitation and conditions of the Dallas County college.

Dallas username

The login procedure is quite easy for your reliability here we mention login steps for you.

When you go to the official page there you will find two options one for the students and the other for the faculty members. You can select your desired tag. After selecting it you will see that the student username starts with “e” which is also mentioned on your student card and the faculty name start with the three letters and four number.

Dallas username
Dallas username

Dallas password

If you enter the correct password along with your username you can easily access the dashboard. But if you forgot the password then follow these steps:

  • There are three options available
  • Yes, I have enrolled in SSPR.
  • No, I have not enrolled in SSPR.
  • I don’t know what is SSPR?
Dallas password
Dallas password

After selecting the option that suits you will be landed on the forgot password page.

With the appropriate username and password, you can simply log in. Remember that you must log out after you have finished your work. For that you should follow the following steps:

  • Click the exit button
  • After clicking it you will receive the message from the blackboard.
  • Then click the finish SSO session.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discuss what is the dcccd actually, working, and the admission criteria. The feature of the blackboard possesses the login process. You can easily get Blackboard DCCCD ECampus Login Access by following the above instructions.

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