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Nine Mostly-Done Blunders That Spoil Valentine’s Day

by Uneeb Khan
Blunders That Spoil Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is near. That means it’s that time of the year, when people show their love for their partners by giving them gifts. But if you are confused about what to give your partner on this special day, there are many valentine’s day gift ideas on the internet. So you can take ideas from there without facing any trouble! This is the easiest way to get gift ideas for Valentine’s day. With that being said, let me tell you nine mistakes people make on Valentine’s day that ruin this special day. So let’s start the conversation!

1. Not Setting A Budget

If you are going to buy a gift for your partner this Valentine’s day, then you will need to keep something in mind. What I mean to say is that you will have to set a budget before buying the gift for your partner. And not only this, you will also have to set a budget in mind for the Valentine’s day celebration arrangements. In other words, besides giving your partner a gift, you would also have planned to arrange dinner for her. So, for all this, it is necessary to have enough money to spend. So I suggest you save enough money to celebrate this Valentine’s day without any hassle.

2. Choosing The Wrong Type Of Gift For Your Partner

Be very careful when buying gifts for your partner on Valentine’s day! What I mean is, don’t buy anything of “YOUR” choice for her. Because when you buy something that “you” like, she definitely won’t like it. Why? Because there is a huge difference between men and women’s choices. Don’t panic if you can’t decide what to buy for her this Valentine’s, because I am going to solve this problem. So, to avoid this mistake, just sit back, and try to remember her likes and dislikes. After you are done with this, buy a gift for her that she will like. And this is how you can win your lover’s heart!

3. Losing Focus

Suppose Valentine’s day has come. And now, it’s the time to celebrate it by taking your wife or girlfriend for dinner and to give her Valentine’s day gift. So imagine that you and your partner are sitting face to face in a restaurant. And your loved one is holding your hand while talking to you romantically. Just imagine how romantic all of this would be! But you can ruin your girlfriend’s mood as well as Valentine’s day if your mind is tangled somewhere else. So always remember to throw all your stress away, and give complete attention to your partner.

4. Giving Her Only One Gift

A gift from you to your partner on Valentine’s day can be really special but not enough. What I mean is that girls always expect for their partners to give them multiple gifts. Especially on some very special occasions like Wedding Anniversary or Valentine’s day. But it’s not necessary to give her something, which she can use in her daily life. Giving her some chocolates and sweet treats can be a good idea! You must also give her a nice greeting card by writing some nice romantic lines in it. And we bet that this way, you can win your loved one’s heart in just a few seconds! And do give her a bouquet of fresh red roses as it will make your lover go on cloud 9.

5. Forgetting This Special Day

Imagine your partner calls you angrily and shouts at you making you realize that you have forgotten to wish her Valentine’s day. If this happens, your whole Valentine’s day will be ruined. Also, no matter how nicely you have made all the arrangements, your every effort will be wasted! So remember this special day and wish your partner “A happy valentine” before “SHE” calls and scolds you. To prevent yourself from this troublesome situation, use the reminder feature in your smartphone.

6. Asking Your Partner About Their Exes

Nothing can be worse than start discussing your partner’s exes with them. Imagine you and your loved one are sitting on a couch having a nice romantic conversation on Valentine’s day. And suddenly, you start asking them questions about their exes. Trust me, it will ruin the mood of your partner as well as the whole Valentine’s day. So if you want to spend the whole day in a good mood, DO NOT start this kind of conversation!

7. Choosing The Wrong Restaurant

When you are to take your loved one on a candlelight dinner this Valentine’s day, DO NOT choose the wrong type of restaurant! What I am trying to say is that always take your loved one to her favorite food place. And if you really love her, you must be aware of her favorite restaurant as you must have already dated each other a number of times.

8. Forgetting To Praise Your Partner

Suppose you go to your partner’s house to pick her up, but forget to compliment her as she sits in your car. But don’t take this mistake for granted as she will not react for the next 10 to 15 minutes of this incident. Because when she reacts, your whole Valentine’s day will be ruined. So do remember to praise her the moment you see her! Also, don’t forget to express your love for her at least thrice on this special day. This can be done by saying her words like “You mean everything to me!” and “You complete me!”.

9. Continuous Chatting With Your Friends

Imagine you are with your loved one, but your eyes are on your mobile screen all the time. It doesn’t matter who you are talking to, this act of yours is enough to spoil your partner’s mood as well as the whole Valentine’s day. So keep this in mind and give your full attention to your partner without any distraction.

The Bottom Line

So these are some of the mistakes to avoid on Valentine’s day to make it a memorable day!

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