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Boost Production and Build Infrastructure with Agriculture Business Funding in Florida

by Uneeb Khan

Florida accounts for over 70% of all citrus production in the United States with nearly half a million acres of land under citrus plantations. 

Unfortunately, production costs in the state’s citrus plantations have increased significantly while farm prices are going down. 

If you happen to be a citrus farmer in Florida, you would have already taken serious losses. Some studies show a likely drop of about 10% in the market growth by the end of this year. 

It’s time to recover the loss and invest in crops that have high demand but where’s the capital going to come from? With easy access to agriculture business funding in Florida, you can easily make the investment. 

Florida is also the highest producer of sugarcane in the country and the sugar industry is a mainstay of Florida’s economy. If you have land available with the right conditions for sugar cane production, you could think of diversifying your crop. 

That will require substantial investment for which you will need to borrow money. If you have tried to raise the funds but haven’t met with success, don’t panic.  

You need not think, “Will I ever get business funding near me in Florida?” You will find the right lender before long and will get the benefit of easier terms of borrowing.  

Want to invest in setting up a processing unit? 

If you want to sell your product straight to the retailer because of low farm prices, then you will need storage for your raw stock and a processing unit. 

For this kind of capital expenditure, you will need substantial mezzanine loans at a reasonable cost of borrowing. During tough times a little austerity can go a long way in easing your problem. 

You need to also make notes from similar situations where production costs rise and farm prices dip. It takes time for the market to recover from such conditions. 

Meet shortfall in payroll expenses with easy funding 

The people working in your setup are a critical part of your organization and most importantly, they are human. They have bills to pay and families to look after and they need their wages on time. 

Delays once in a long time could be adjusted by most employees in the interest of the organization but if it becomes frequent, they will not like it. 

On your part, you must do everything possible to see that meeting your payroll expenditure doesn’t come under any kind of strain. 

When you have easy access to fast funding for meeting such tight situations arising from cash flow disruptions, it is easier to handle such crises. 

A reliable lender will understand your needs better 

A lot depends on where you get your funding from and on what terms. Not all lenders are there to understand the needs of the borrower and they are only keen on dealing strictly as per their terms. 

That’s not the case when you deal with a leading lender like Alternative Funding Group, which is known for offering easier terms and reasonable cost of borrowing. 


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