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How To Do a Budget Trip In North Goa?

by Uneeb Khan
How To Do a Budget Trip In North Goa

People tend to take budget trips when they cannot afford them. But this is only the case with some. Some people want to explore more while spending less money. It has many other benefits that you may not be thinking of.

You will meet new and interesting people on a budget trip that will last a lifetime. You can have eye-opening experiences and taste local eateries. One of the most important aspects of budget travel is that you’ll surely become a much better person than you are now.

Nowadays, everyone wants to pack their bags for a trip to North Goa. But how can one do a budget trip in North Goa? Let’s understand how you can enjoy a beautiful trip while spending much less money.

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Planning For Budget Trip In North Goa

If you want to explore quiet, unexplored areas or exotic locations, don’t feel rushed. It won’t cost you much. You can travel anywhere without spending hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Here’s How to do a Budget Trip in North Goa.


Rich people who have lots of money and time can travel spontaneously. But when you don’t, you should first come up with an excellent plan. It doesn’t have to be a tight schedule or hour-by-hour itinerary plan.

You must devise a plan for your entire trip to North Goa. How you travel, where you stay, what places you visit, and other such considerations. Planning takes away your stress and makes it easier for you. You should avoid accomplishing last-minute things that always cost you more.

Off Season

There’s a particular time of year when everyone thinks of going on a trip. These days, hotels and restaurants are in high demand. There is a huge possibility that they will hike up their prices. If you want to visit North Goa, the off-season is ideal.

Goa is a hot place, which is why people tend to visit during the winter. For example, the best time to visit exotic Goa is between November and March. Many people come at this time of the year.

If you want to save your money, then travel there before and after these months. This is what we call “shoulder seasons,” where you will have an excellent journey but at a lesser cost.

Avoid Shopping

Take care of your bags before one month, when you’re planning to go. You should pack your bags properly. Think again and again, and make sure to take everything you’ll need. As a result, there will be no need to waste money on unnecessary shopping.

Research what you should pack and what not for North Goa. Check the weather forecast for the time you’re going there. You will find plenty of shopping areas there. But if you want to do a budget trip in North Goa, do not get stuck there.

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By Train Or Bus

First of all, check your train or bus ticket booking on weekdays. People don’t travel at midweek, but weekend prices will be more expensive than usual. The money we save now on cheap bus or train tickets will come in handy later in the trip.

Cheap Eateries

Rather than go to a luxurious restaurant, you can check out the food at beachside shacks or street food stalls. You should wander around a little to choose a place for the meal. These cheap places sometimes offer you kitchen facilities too, so you can cook for yourself.

Rent A Bike

Local travel costs you more than you ever thought. You should always rent a bike to save thousands of rupees. You can also rent a car or thar, if you want. A daily scooty will cost you approximately 250 Rs. Also, Goa’s petrol prices are lower than those of other metropolitan cities.

Reasonable Resort

North Goa is a very chill place, with beaches, cafes, parties, and restaurants. It would be best if you traded expensive hotels for a good stay at the resort. Many people tend to stay in these places where it doesn’t cost them much.

You can meet new and interesting people who are also into budget trips here. You can share each other’s experiences. There are many alternatives for booking these low-priced resorts with huge discounts. We will introduce you to a way to book your stay.

Final Words

You now have an idea of how to go on a budget trip in North Goa. Many people these days don’t have this knowledge. They spent unnecessary money to enjoy their trip. But they can’t enjoy the locals with that money.

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