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Can we change name on frontier ticket

by gaurav gupta

Name change policy of frontier allows you to change the name but only for minor mistakes. Getting your name correctly sounds like one of the most simple components of buying a flight, yet it happens to the best of us. Most airlines enable you to change the name on your ticket. So, if you made an error when entering your name, don’t panic. However, giving your ticket to someone else is a very other situation. Today, we’ll focus on the former. Here’s what to do if you unintentionally misspelled your name on a ticket yet wish to go.

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Frontier Name Change Rules

You should have no issue making minor name changes. However, you should act as soon as you identify the issue. If you discover the error within 24 hours of purchasing and the ticket price has not increased, the simplest solution is to cancel your ticket for a refund and rebook. Otherwise, you will need to contact the airline or the booking agent.
In most circumstances, you’ll need to call, however certain airlines may be able to assist you via social media or live chat on their mobile applications. A few airlines, like Southwest, even enable you to correct misspelled names right on their website.

What name Change is Covered in Name Change

There is no need to fear if you misspell your name on an airline ticket. However, there is a simple technique to completely eliminate mistakes. Make sure your frequent flyer accounts are up to date and that your name is spelled correctly. Many frequent flyer programs allow you to save the details of companions you often travel with.

How could I change the name spelling on a booked Frontier Ticket

In most cases, changing the name on a plane ticket requires you to contact the airline or travel agent directly. While you may be successful doing this online or through social media, the most dependable method is to phone the airline or travel agent and speak with a real person to alter the name on a ticket. Depending on the airline’s cancellation policy, if you bought a ticket then realized you misspelled your name, it could be easier to cancel for free and rebook.

Change Frontier Ticket Name

There is probably no need to state your middle name.
If you do not provide your middle name when reserving your ticket, it should not be an issue unless your name is very popular.
Technically, you may be refused boarding if your “Secure Flight” passenger information does not exactly match the name on your ID, although this is extremely unlikely.
It’s best to be safe than sorry when purchasing an overseas ticket, so add your middle name.

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It essentially boils down to revenue control. Airlines are afraid that consumers may purchase inexpensive tickets and resell them for a profit.

Some airlines may allow you to transfer a ticket if you pay a change cost plus any difference in the fee, which is not the same thing. Depending on why you need to move the name on a ticket, you may receive a compassionate phone agent who understands the need for the transfer, but this is quite unusual.

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